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added 2/94
Warlord of DIGITECH has been interviewed by Majestic of Brainstorm. 
Tell us something about your group. -Digitech was founded about 2 years ago. We consist of 22 members at the moment. We dont have any foreign members. I think we are quite productive. The only drawback in our group is the lack of a original supplier. 
What's your function? 
-I'm the main swapper, packer and administrator. 
What do you think about your local Amiga scene? 
-It's cool, a lot of cool groups are in Gothenburg... 
What's your opinion on demos? 
- I like demos, as long as they are cool. 
What are your hobbies? 
-Next to Amiga, it's girls and alcohol. 
What about modem trading? 
-We've got a Supra 2400 baud modem. 
Your opinion about phreaking? 
-I have two opinions about phreaking, a positive on and a negative one. The bad side of phreaking is that it ruins the feeling of mail swapping, you know when you trade by mail, everybody has a chance to be fast, but when when you phreak, the stuff gets old after a day, and most col guys already got it. The positice side is that you get the stuff very fast, but on the other side you risk getting caught... 
List us a few good demos you have seen in the last few months: 
-That's a though one, but I'll try: Complex buttermilk demo, Red Sector's vectorball demo, Unique's universal pictures demo. 
How many swapping partners do you have? 
-69 to be exact, but the whole group should have about 175 contacts. And I think the number will grow in the future. 
What do you think about the American scene? 
-I dont know much, but it seems that you have to phreak if you want to survive in the US. 
What do you think about old heroes like BS1, TKT, SCA..? 
-They are cool, they are legends, they will never die. 
What's your favourite coder? 
-Delta of Red Sector. 
                    The Acc{sed/BRS