Inteview with Skywalker

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added 2/94
Jedi Coders of Phoenix has been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-Phoenix is probably the best french crew, there are members of: Ex Sinners, Ex Cascade, Ex The Drunk ones, Ex West Coast Boys, Ex CBC, etc. 
What's the aim of your group? 
-Demos, and sometimes cracks. We do coding, coding, coding, coding is our business. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
- Lame in the Bordeaux Scene. 
Your opinion about copy parties? 
-Copy parties are great. If there's no Lamers around. We recieve lots of invitations from famous group (RSI, Northstar!) 
Your opinion about the police? 
List us your best demos. 
-Our Megademo2 (Phoenix), Dexion Party Demo AD2000, Fraxion, Phenomena Megademo, Titanics Music. 
List us your favourite games. 
Beast, Populous, Silkworm, Marble Madness, Hybris.