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added 2/94
Norton of ESA has been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC/Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-The group was founded in mid June 1988 and consists of about 20 people in Sweden, Norway and in the U.K. 
What's the aim of your group? 
-We aim to be a major force on the cracking scene in Europe and to be able to deliver the highest quality-wares to our contacts. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
-The local scene is pretty lame. Just a few groups and most of the LAME (they do nothing of quality!). The only cool freaks around here are (besides us) the odd NST/TSL member. 
Your opinion about Copy Parties? 
Your opinion about the police? 
Norton prefers demos to games.  
List us a few good demos. 
-Red Sector Megademo, Kefrens Megademo. 
List us the best, according to you, ever made games on Amiga. 
-Hybris, IK+, Interceptor.