Invitation to Primavera 1 - 1994

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It  is  a  must  for  polish  scene guys (and gays of
course  :-)  to  meet at the copy-party twice a year.
Every  party  is  a big event for almost everybody on
the  polish  scene.   You  can meet all Your friends,
maintain  new contacts and also make an acquitance of
the  living  legends of our scene :-).  There is also
something      else      which      attracts     many
persons......COMPETITIONS.   Right,  all  of  us  are
waiting  for  this,  new  demos  are the most desired
thing  at the every party.  Unknown groups have their
chance  to  get famous, the known ones can get higher
on  every  chart and the rest just want to have those
productions  to  see  it  and think "How do they made
such  an  effect???".   There  was  a  few parties in
Poland  e.g.   Mountain  Congress  in  Zywiec, Polish
Autumn Party in Poznan or Warsaw Copy Party.  But now
there  is  time for.....STARACHOWICE.  What???  Where
is  it???   Well,  it  is another place on the map of
   16-17.04.1994  in  Starachowice  will  be  held  a
entitled   Primavera'94.   This  is  history  in  the
making.Don't miss it almost everyone You want to meet
will  be  there.   So do not wait, just come.  We are
awaiting You!!!


                    Where is it?

The first question You can have is "Where the hell is
it???"  and  here is a few tips which can help You to
reach  party  place.  Our city lies about 150 km from
Warsaw  in  the south-eastern part of Poland.  In our
opinion,  the best way to get to Starachowice is trip
through  Warsaw.Those  of  You who doesn't know where
the Warsaw is get the map and look for it now.  There
are  some connections during all day from the Central
Railway  Station in Warsaw to the city when the party
is held (eg.  6.45, 16.05, 21.05 all from platform 3;
direction Rzeszow or Przemysl).The ticket costs about
5DM (it is cheap isn't it?).  And after about 3 hours
You  are in Starachowice.  There will be big signs in
which  direction  the  party is, all over the city.So
You  don't  have to be afraid of loosing Your way,but
it  is advised to You to get in touch with organizers
before  coming  to  Poland, because it will ease Your
way and will help You to get to the party without any
troubles!.   You  will find the contact addresses and
phones in this intro.

                      Party info:


Party place:      Technical School
------------      Szkolna 10 Street

Fee: 70.000 zlotys or 6 DM

Start  :
      16.04.1994  Saturday 9.00
Finish :
      17.04.1994  Sunday 15.00 results
      17.04.1994  Sunday 17.00 official end of party 

 Troublemakers will be removed from the party place.

Competitions :
Music Compo     - Saturday   -  16.00
                   Deadline  -  13.00

Gfx Compo       - Saturday   -  19.00
                   Deadline  -  15.00

Demo Compo      - Saturday   -  22.00
                   Deadline  -  20.30

Intro Compo     - Sunday     -  10.00 
                   Deadline  -   8.30 

Crazy Compos :     All information on the party!

There  is  no  division  for AGA or NON-AGA pictures.
The  only  rule  of  gfx  compo is that every picture
should  be  an  IFF format which means that it can be

shown from the DeluxePaint IV AGA.  It is not allowed
to  signature  the  picture.But  there  should  be an
information  about  the author on the disk he deliver
to us.

All  modules  have  to  be compatible with ProTracker
format.   The  maximum  time we will play module is 5
minutes.Contestant have to deliver his module on disk
where should be his handle and group.

Demo   should   be  delivered  on  a  disk  with  its
title,group and type of configuration.  Demo for A500
should work on 0.5 slow+0.5chip or 1mb chip, demo for
A1200  should  work  on standars A1200 2mb chip.There
can be only one demo from one coder!!!

The  maximum lenght of intro is 40960 bytes.It should
work on A500 0.5slow+0.5chip or 1mb chip.


Music Compo :         Gfx Compo :          Ray Compo:
-------------         -----------          ----------
1. 1.000.000          1. 1.000.000         1. 500.000
2.   750.000          2.   750.000         2. 300.000
3.   500.000          3.   500.000         3. 100.000

          Intro Compo :           Demo Compo:
          -------------           -----------
          1. 1.000.000            1. 3.000.000
          2.   750.000            2. 1.500.000
          3.   500.000            3.   750.000

All  rates  in zlotys!  Rates depend on the number of

Organizers can change amount of prizes!

                    Helping hands:

      Pit/TMS                  Bombel/Ind
      Piotr Kania              Jacek Bombka
      Na Szlakowisku 9/93      Graniczna 5/3
      27-200 Starachowice      27-200 Starachowice

    phone  0-48 47 74-81-93       
      ask for Peter
      weekends only!!!

      Lovely/BT                Magor/ILS
      Krzysztof Gmyr           Piotr Baraïski

    phone 0-41    24-630      phone 0-48 47 74-58-97
              internal 506     ask for Peter      
      ask for Chris