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added 2/94
SSI Copy-Party
One of the greatest events for crackers this year happend on the 6.2. near Zuerich in Swiss. S.S.I made one of the best 
international Copy Parties.
Most of the   famous groups wanted to come and some from overseas too.
And most of them came and it was a great action. The visitors were for example: Unit A, Sodan and Magician 42, E.C.A, S.C.A, Star Frontiers, HQC, Sinners, Major Rom and Rick Ross and NICS and many more.
Together with other not famous Amiga Freaks from all over the world 150 people joined the party.
Later in the evening the competend insiders continued the party in a little circle. Rick Ross showed the faszinated freaks his cracking 
abilities. For example, for King of Chicago he needed 3 minutes.
But what is a copy party without new software.
There was for example Mercenary, Galactic Empire, Jinks, Black Shadow and many many more new stuff.
Every game with excellent graphics and great sounds. Famous crackers like Unit A, Star Frontiers, Sodan and S.C.A presented their latest self written games.
Very impressing.
For eveery one who joined the party it was very great. We hope, that very soon there will be more copy parties like that.
On the 20.2 Dynamic Systems will make a copy party in Aachen, West Germany. They sent not less than 500 invitations to their friends and contacts.
Most of them already have accepted the invertion. So it will be a great event too. D.N.S will practise the suctom to make different rooms for more and less known group. If you want to be there too contact the organizer very fast. (gsc-drm)