Party Review for The Party 1994

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A full (fast written) report...

Written by Magic/Mirage and Dope/Spaceballs.

Yep.. It's party time again. This time the biggest event of the year. Which ofcourse is in the same place as last year! The Messe Center Herning! But before the arrival I went to visit my good friend Dope/Spaceballs. His place is located in Arnhem (Holland), and I went there 3 days before our departure to the Party4. Let's see what happened overthere. 

Yep.. We planned to make a coop 40 kilobytes intro, a very original one with two hard-core routines, but we dont know if it`s finished on time! Also it should have been the first

XXXXXXXXXXX 40k intro ever. Anyway let`s have some words by Dope.. (This XXX means it`s still a secret HuHu)

Mmm... it's Friday evening right now and monday evening will be the start of my (Dope) ultimate 1994 dream. Ok, SIH II was my (and others) dream but that's a thing of the past. Tomorrow evening we will go out (maybe) and have some last minute fun! For now I have studied some foreign language to be able to comunicate with my fellow SpaceBallerS (Jeg heter Joost og er fra Holland)...

Prrrrrt the Magic Fieber is now writing.. We are working hard on the 40k intro which goes by the name: `Trackloaded` But we have also

visited the mainland called Arnhem because 'Velp' is *not* that big! Anyway I changed some Dutch money in DK valuta and we had something to eat... Dope is now singing along with the music from 'Jamiroquai' (He Sascha were are you?????) and the song is entitled 'too young to die' But enough writing! Back to the Spaceballs&Mirage coop 40k intro...

Mmm... let`s forget about that intro for now. I (Dope) truly think it`s a thing for later. Anyhow, it's 13:57 by now on Sunday, first Christmas day... Happy christmas to you all! Writing this text is basicly just a way for me to forget about the remaining 30 hours before we start off to Denmark since I don`t have to do anything anymore and I'm just dying to take

that 10 hours ride....

Wow big jump after last typed text.. We are now on The Party 4 on the 3th day... Many things happened! The music compo sucked! The Gfx compo really really fucked up.. They didn't show the pictures from SUNY and RA.. They did however showed the SNOOP picture drawn by me..(Magic) I am very curious which position I will end up.. Also from the 149 pictures they only showed 62 pieces, including some raytracings and small picture... I can advice you to get your hands on the pictures from: Facet, Destop, Titan, Peachy, Ra, Cougar, Jugi and mine :-) But then hours later they hold the gfx compo again! With 99 pictures including the missing pictures from famous and good

artists!! The music compo however did *NOT* include anybody from the Eurocharts! For example the module from Lizard/Spaceballs (See interview in next CC) was too big somehow for the organizers.. But there were some very great modules anyway! Like the one from Dreamer/TRSI (TPDL) and HitHansen/Rednex... Watch out for a module called 'VolxWagen!' The PC demo compo was interrupted with some technical difficulties. But later it turned out to be the Fuck Virus!!! The intro compo was also not of that High-Quality!!! Only nice intro's from Stellar, VD, TPDL, (A Polish group...Watch them commin') And the Razor intro's are just a joke!!!! Especially the one from Colorbird. Only a Lame Doom routine!! Hehe but the announcement of

Propaganda 5 sheet was very cool... Oki some information about the Party... There were about 3000+ visitors... One thing was kind of cool! (HuHu) It was the presence of a RAVE party in Hall F for free. But on a flyer it said 40 Kr. That was cool.. When Facet and SuperNao (Ja jij Michiel!) and aSTRO! (Wups) me and some others were stoned at the rave, and many things happened. Like The Girl Incident.. ;-) But it was a cool rave.. Later Destop, Dweezel, Strobo (He has hair again... At TP 93 he didn't) also came along... Hakkuh is a new word introduced in Denmark!!! The rave included some of Denmarks coolest Dj's... (Btw Dope is now sleeping next to me under a blue blanket and is almost dead... Not! He is now awake and screaming!!!! ) Anyhow Let's see what the demo

compo will bring!!! Rumours and Facts are that Sanity, Virtual Dreams, Bomb will compete!!! (They did Ed.)

Some hot news from the party4:

At the party alot of things got stolen. Ofcourse some disks but also some A1200's and even a A4000/040!!! Fucking lame..... Also the 2 megabyte card from Lowlife/Axis!

The Trackmo Roots from Sanity was almost not released because Mr.Pet didn't show up! So what Chaos did was finished it himself. Looking trough the sources from Mr.Pet. (You must try it yourself! It's allmost impossible!!!) 
(Source: Chaos/Sanity)

In the Andromeda Nexus 7 Demo, is a raytraced scroller saying some things against Lord Helmet/Spaceballs. When Lord Helmet talked about it with Hydra (Remember the Stalin of the Scene article!) It almost turned into a fight!! 
(Source: Rockdazone/Infect)

Legend -The Bill Of God - was at it again!! They sold WEED there but later the orginizers took the remaining WEED from them. But they had sold enough, so the hired 2 woman to hold a striptease for the wildcompo!! But it was cancelled at the last minute. 
(Source: Pinhead/Legend)

When we came back from the Pizza Hut. We (Retep, Tomcat, Jake, Protec, Magic and Vector/Vision) Wrapped a car with Pink Tape. It was wrapped just like a present. And we wrote on a piece of paper something like Merry X-mas from Sardonyx! (The car next to the car we packed!!) Somehow we don't have a photo of this cool joke!!!
(Source: Vector/Vision)

Raw issue 7 will be out in Januari! With modules from SuperNao/Spaceballs (Daar ben je weer MICHIEL!!) and maybe Lizard/Spaceballs!! Maybe because they have some kind of surprise module... Intro by Dope/Spaceballs, loading picture and layout by Facet/Spaceballs. Looks like a 100% Spaceballs

produktion this time... 
(Source:Lord Helmet/Spaceballs)

Well the Democopo was the best in years!!! With demos from Virtual Dreams, Sanity, Andromeda, The Silents, Rebels Polka Brothers, Dreamdealers and Bomb it was very COOL!!!

Anyway ofcourse many more things happened. But It was just too much to write! Chit Chat issue 14 should have been released there, but it had some bugs.. So we released it now!! (Some days after The Party 4)

Oki have a nice, active, cool, produktive, erotic 1995 (Jep...)