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                       Devilstar VD/PB interview                         

Hello all, MeloManiac speaking! The super graphics-artist, Devilstar
has recently moved to Germany, to work on some games! I've talked to
Devilstar about that, the state of the Amiga, and more!

D: Hi, I`m Devilstar/Virtual Dreams/Polka Brothers!

M: You're one of the most known graphics artists on the scene - and even
   if there should be somebody who don't know you by your name, he has
   probably seen some of your work. Can you mention a few of the
   demos/magazines etc., you've done graphics for?

D: Sure, well let me see.. There was for RAW/Spaceballs, Upstream/Balance,
   DanskToppen/Passion, The Off.Eurochart/Static Bytes(Estrup),
   Hydra/Mr.hyde/Prestige, Pacmag(hehe), The Party 94, And Demos/compos:
   DemonDownload/Silents DK, The ZINKO intro/Polka, No Name/Polka,
   Prestige Crackintro/Prestige, Bobble Trouble/Polka, Prey/Polka, and MANY
   Party Compos.. >:)

M: I doubt that anyone wouldn't agree that you're extremely good at what
   you're doing, and creates some really interesting and beautiful pictures.
   Are people nicer to you, meaner to you, or is it the same, now you've
   become so popular?

D: Well thats VERY different from dude to dude, some dudes call Bodycount
   to chat with me, and some comes to talk at partys, but also some dudes
   are very afraid to chat/talk with me, and even I try to be as incoming
   and try to get the talk to be easy. Humm just come and chat if I WANT!
   But also the gfx are more easy to get released now. When I started the
   gfx drawing it was VERY hard to get anybody to release my gfx, and I
   thought I should NEVER get any released, but after I got some of it
   in the TSL demos and some nice places at partys, everybody wants to
   release 'em >:)

M: Recently, you've become so popular that a German software house has
   hired you to do the graphics for some games. How did you get the job?

D: Humm that was kinda' Mr.Hydes fault (hehe. thanx mate!!). He called me
   and said that a Danish firm called Brain Bug where seeking for a new
   graphician. I called 'em, and talked about it, later on I got the job,
   BUT the firm Brain Bug were moving/merging to Germany/Rainbow Arts, I
   therefore had the choice of NO JOB or GERMANY :) .. and I can say NOW that
   I DIDN'T regret moving! OFCOZ I MISS all u guys and the board and all
   about Denmark, but I get money for doing my hobby and thats MY GOAL!

M: You told me it was a nightmare doing graphics on a SNES, because of
   the way its screen is build up of blocks that can have a maximum of 16
   colours each. Would you prefer to work on the Amiga?

D: Well it IS!!!! Well I WORK on AMIGA (ofcoz) but also on Mac, PC and
   Sillicon Gfx! Well the prob. is that if u do a BLOCK (everything HAVE
   to be blocks in the game projects) and if u do a blok of 8x8 pixels u can
   ONLY have 16 colors in it and that have to be out of 256 defined colors..

M: What do you think about the state the Amiga's in at the moment. Would
   you like to see the Amiga as the leading computer on the games market

D: OFCOZ I will, the Amiga is a great machine and I LOVE it!!

M: I can imagine you're even more busy now, than you were when you were
   doing graphics for demos etc. Will you only do graphics for games
   from now on, or....?

D: Well I'm VERY busy now and I have NO time for demos!! But I'll never stop
   demo-drawing - I just have to get installed here in Germany! And then I'll
   start demo-drawing for real again 100% !! :)

M: When can we expect to see your Amiga-game hit the market - if there is

D: Well thats VERY hard to say because the Amiga is dead to EVERYBODY else
   than US (scene freaks). Well I KNOW it's cruel words and I DONT THINK that
   the Amiga will die, BUT my BOSS does :(

M: What's after Rainbow Arts? More graphic for games on the cards?

D: Well I really don't know, I guess I'll stay here for a while till I get
   enough money to start my own DANISH company (game company ofcoz)
   or I'll go to USA for some firm overthere!! :) :)

M: Many people in the scene has, like you, started making graphics/music or
   programming demos - what's your advice to them. Should they try to get
   in contact with some software-houses, or were you, no offence, just lucky,
   or had the right connections, to get into the business?

D: Well that depends on where, and which firm, and still then, it's very
   different, I guess if u think u have the skill and WANTS to do games,
   then just send some stuff or even better GO THERE!!! :)

M: Now you've tried both making graphics for demos and for games. Which is
   the most fun, and the most satisfying?

D: It's more EASY and more FUN to do demo-gfx! BUT it's more satisfying
   with game-gfx COZ u get PAYED!!!!!!! heheeh....

M: Yes, hehe, that's on of the big differences!;-) Can you make a living
   from doing games?

D: Well haha.. I have a MERCEDES!!!!! heheheh.. so... :)))

M: That should explain it!;-) So when are you coming back to Denmark?
   You have a board (BODYCOUNT) to run!;-)

D: Well I guess I'll go to Denmark WHEN I got lotsa money to start my own
   softwarefirm!! Coz thats my GOAL!!!!

M: Thank you Devilstar - it's been nice talking to you - and good luck on
   your games!

D: Thanx pal!! Enjoy Denmark!! (I would, if I was there, sniff...) later!