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added 6/96

Inteview with Skol / Anthrox

featuring NZO / DCS

Done by Killraven / Dual Crew & Shining

KR = Killraven

SKOL = Skol

KR:   Hello Simon, sorry for disturbing
you,  I  just wanted to know if I could
do an interview with you for a diskmag?
(And not just A diskmag...  -Cs)

SKOL: Hmmm... Which diskmag?

KR: The one from Balance - Upstream?

SKOL: I haven't seen an issue of that..
Is it online here?

KR:   I  dunno,  but  I admit this is a
cool  mag,  which  needs  only one cool
interview!  :)

SKOL: Haha...   OK, I don't mind..  Why

KR:   Thank  you.   OK,  as  every lame
interview   starts   with   the   usual
question,  tell us a bit about yourself
and your former scene life, please!

SKOL: Well, where do I start? As far as
the  scene is concerned, I've been in a
few  groups,  but  only  one  which was
really  in  the scene - ANTHROX..  I am
back in Anthrox now after a brief spell
in   my  own  group  called  "UNLIMITED
POTENTIAL..."  Anyway,  in  real-life I
enjoy  most  things which other guys do
(girls,   booze,   etc..)   so  nothing
special to mention here...

KR:   Yes,  but  why  are  you  back in
Anthrox, 'coz I thought UL was going be
the best trainer group around?

SKOL:   Hmm,  well  I  don't know about
that, but the main reason for my return
to  ANTHROX  was the fact that they are
expanding  into  more than when I was a
member    before...     Cracking,   for
example,   and  also  lots  of  console
stuff..  But I think the main reason is
that  I  was  always an Anthrox member!
You just can't hide from Hydro!  Hehe..

KR:   Hehe,  yes.   So  it  seems  that
friendship also means something for you
too.   So  up  to the next question, is
there really not much friendship in the
modemscene,  as  many  of the "mailers"
always say?

SKOL:   Well,  I  tend to disagree with
this  viewpoint.  In the modemscene you
have  the  possibility to actually talk
to  lots of people very easily!  And if
you're   in  the  modemscene,  you  are
capable  of free phonecalls, so you can
call them voice also!
   For    me   the   modemscene   links
everything   good   about   the   scene
together,  but  also  unfortunately you
get all the bad points as well...

KR:   Yes,  for  example,  the guys who
tell  us  that  the modem/cracker-scene
ruins  the Amiga scene, because no game
developer likes to work for nothing, so
what is your point of view?

SKOL:   Well,  I can tell them that the
reason  why  Amiga games have decreased
is  not  so  much  connected to piracy,
it's  more  connected  to the recession
around  the  world  and the fact that a
company  investing  in  games will make
more money on consoles or PC..  This is
the facts about it..
   The  Amiga  was  pirated  in  a mass
scale  ever  since it was released, and
the  best  time  for  game releases was
1990  - 5 years after it was released..
So  -  no, I think if you want to blame
anyone, blame the Japanese!

KR:  So..  But now here's a hard one...
How  would  you  view your place in the
scene nowadays?

SKOL:   Yes, this is hard.  What do you
mean by place?  My trainers, or?

KR:   No.  Only your position among all
the scene guys!

SKOL:   What  do  you  mean?  What they
think of me?

KR:    Figure  out  by  yourself!   And

SKOL:  I dunno, I just think maybe I am
thought  of as a bit arrogant.  Is this
the kind of stuff you're after?

KR:   Hmm..   Yes...   And  why are you

SKOL:   Well,  I guess it's just me.  I
don't  mean to be, but I judge everyone
by   my  own  standards.   This  causes

KR:   So  as you know, it would be nice
not to raise your standards anymore.

SKOL:   Of course.  I think that I have
cooled down recently, but I really used
to be quite rude to people before.

NZO enters chat room.

SKOL:  Hey, NZO, this is an interview -
Get out!  :)

NZO:  Haha..  Hello guys..  Hey, Simon,
did you look at the stuff?

SKOL:  No, not yet.

NZO:  Humm..  Interview?  Joining ATX?

KR:   Haha, nah!  I have been in ATZ, I
just interviewed him for a diskmag I am
a freelancer for!

NZO:    Oh..   interview  me  as  well!

SKOL exits chat room.

KR: Do you want to?

NZO:   I  may  as well..  Skol has lost
carrier..  Hehe...

KR:   OK,  now you will be my victim...
Please tell me a bit about yourself and
your former scenelife.

NZO: Don't be so vague.

KR:   Just write down what you think is
the correct answer!

NZO:   I  don't  know  where to begin..
Try a normal interview question.

KR:  Please tell us about your hobbies,
your age, etc.

NZO:   Okay.   I'll tell you some basic
details  then..  I am 25 years old, and
I  am married to Michelle, have one son
called  Taylor  who is 2 years old..  I
have  been  in  the  Amiga  world since
1987.   I  am  a  coder and a musician,
cracker trainer, etc.

KR:   Yes, and what are you projects at
the moment?

NZO:  Well, since last autumn I've been
working  on  "Sonic Attack" for DC (now

SKOL enters chat room.

NZO:  Skol is back...  I was just being
interviewed!  Piss off!  :)

SKOL:   Haha,  you  as well, eh?  So at
least  it'll be worth reading this mag!

KR:   Yes,  it will..  And you will see
all  the  chaos you are doing right now
now :)

NZO:   Okay..   I'll  let  you carry on
interviewing    Simon   and   you   can
interview me me later then..

KR:  Yes..  thanks and bye Ray!

NZO exits chat room.

SKOL:  Well, sorry, but you know, these
BB  lines!   Actually  it was my bloody
call-waiting!!  Forgot to turn it off..

KR:   What  do you think of those those
guys   who   tries   to  "destroy"  the
modemscene,  in  hacking bbs' or giving
hints  to  the  cops.  Did you have any
experience like this?

SKOL:   Well,  I  think the guys who do
this  have  nothing to do with the REAL
scene,  they  can't  get into the scene
mdue to no talents or abilities and thus
they  try  and  ruin  it  for everybody
   I'm  sure  everyone knows a guy that
always  tries to ruin the fun for other
people.   These guys are just the same,
only that the modemscene is illegal and
they   can   really   cause   REAL-life

KR:    Yes,  inedeed  they  can.   Now,
please   tell   me  who  your  favorite
coders,  graphicians and musicians are.
(Don't say NZO!)

SKOL:   Nah,  Ray  is good, but I think
that  my  favorite  coder  is something
which is difficult to judge.  I guess I
would   have   to  plump  for  the  old
Slayer/SCX.   He  really  got  the demo
scene  going with his productions!  And
as  for  graphics  I LOVE Cougar/Sanity
and   also  the  suff  drawn  by  HavoK
/Sanity.   As  goes  for music, I think
Bit  Arts/Sanity.   Sanity  is  a  cool
group!  Hehe..  And also...

KR:  Red Devil?

SKOL:  No, too lazy!!  I can't think of
him..  shit.  doesn't matter anyway.

KR:   Yes,  strange.   The usual answer
for   this   question  is  FACET/Lemon,
SPY/TSL and Audiomonster/Melon.  Almost
every dude in the mailscene who will be
asked these questons answers like this.
Why?   Aren't  you  interested  in  the

SKOL:    Well,   I  just  have  my  own
opinions  of the productions I've seen,
Of course, I cannot see every demo ever
released, but just because I don't pick
the usual (boring?) shit, why should it
mean   I'm  not  interested  in  demos?
Sorry - you are asking the questions..

KR: Yes,  so keep that in mind, OK?  :)
Will  ATX  also  kick  ass in the legal
scene in producing demos?

SKOL:   I  doubt  it..   We are all too
illegal!   ATX  is  moving more towards
cracking  day  by day..  So I think the
time  of ATX to do demos is surely gone
forever for now...

KR:   Sad.   Oki,  as this interview is
going to end, are there any persons you
wish to greet?

SKOL:   Just  a  big HI to all you cool

KR:    Hehe.    Thank   you   for  this
interview.   It  was  really a pleasure
interviewing you!

SKOL:   Was it?  Hehe..  I guess it was
fun..  I must do this interviewing more
often!!  :)

KR:   Maybe  we  will chat another time
and  then  you  can post the questions,
hehe :)

SKOL:   Yes.   Turn  the  tables on the
question-master!  :)

KR:   I  will.   OK then.  Thanks again
and  now  the  capture is offline after
your last sentence!

SKOL:   Cool..  Fix the spelling erros.
:) (He didn't!  -Cs)