Invitation to Radwar 2000 (P2K)

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 RADWAR  PARTY  2000  (P2K)  -  The  Cracker and Programmer Event of the next
millenium !!!
Date: Saturday 27th May 2000
Place: Festhalle Heinsberg-Oberbruch (aprox. 2000 people)
Time: 19:41 Uhr
We're going to sign the contract for the location thiz week, so it's 99.9 % for
Here is a small party-plan:
Friday: 26th May 2000
Arrival  Day  for  all the foreign guys, we'll show the way to the hotels, etc.
In  the  evening  we  do  a  small gathering in the Discotheque 'Malesh' or 'In
Vincula' to have sume phun and some beers as well.
Saturday: May 27th 2000 (the doomday)
In  the  afternoon  there  will be the traditional Soccer Tournament 'Cracker's
Revenge'.   We play with different teams from Denmark, Norway, Holland, England
and  all  the  other  countries  that people promised to come from.  Beside the
party  place there is big Fun-Park with big swimming pools, showers, snack-bars
and  restaurants.   Here  ya can fresh-up yourself after all the goals.  In the
evening  at  about  19:41 the partý place will open, so let's start celebrating
till the next morning.
Sunday: May 28th 2000 (The Day after .. for sure)
In the morning we'll arrange a big breakfast for everybody with a lot of coffee
and ASPIRIN ...  to get rid of the headache from ya ONE NIGHT STANDS.  Later on
we'll  offer  you to take part in a PAINTBALL (GOTCHA) Tournament where all the
famous groups, programmers will take part.
Yeahh, that's all for now ... more to come
Tickets soon at:  CTS Ticket Service all over Europe (ya can buy your ticket at
your local ticket dealer)
Watch WWW.RADWAR.COM for latest infos.
All the best