Party Review for Bloodparty 1990

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Bloodsuckers Partyreport
            Bloodparty '90

On Friday 8th. of June a copyparty which was organized by Bloodsuckers took
place in Kuopio.
When we arrived at about 5 pm we had to pay the entrance fee of 150 mk.
There were just a few freaks (Chrome+Silents) sitting there and being bored.
Later in the evening some cool dudes like Scoopex SF, D-MOB, Securitate, Vision,
Disknet came and the organizers told that RSI and Defjam would come later (they 
didn't). During the night everybody was coding something and someone tried to 
sleep but they failed.
On saturday a few guys from Wizzcat and Badnews arrived and we played pool and
copied some software and tried to have fun (we managed).
Securitate released their party-intro.
Chrome won the democompo with their nice demo. In the evening Securitate left
because they were bored (?) 
On Sunday almost everybody left because there was nothing to do. When we packed
our Amiga we noticed something funny: somebody had stolen my friend's disk-
drive. Thanks!!!! (Funny? - Ed)
In fact the party was really boring because there were only about 40 people
and the organization wasn't good at all.
The best thing on party was those nice intros which were released.

                                                           signed:Zodiak of Cult