Party Review for Bloodparty 1990

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The Bloodparty 
Well, there's not too much to tell about it, but I'll try... 
There were only about 40-50 people, groups like Scooooooooooopex, BAD News (Sweden !), Securitate, Disknet, Chrome (WON the demo-compo!), Accession, Silents, and some others and of course BLOODSUCKERS. 
The demos in the compo were Chrome, Vyvyan T.U.M.B, Stack, and DiskNet. The only intro from the party was from Securitate... I was D-R-U-N-K on sat and sun... But I am now (Monday) writing this in a hangover... 
The most 'fun' about the party was that I was sleeping (?) and somebody stole my GameBoy and about 10 disks... That's 800 Fin marks... But the party in general was a lot of fun and booooooooooooooozing. 
I puked there two times and at home once.. 
Some  of  the  most drunken people were: 
1. Trashman 
2. Vyvyan 
3. Reward 
That is just the people I remember drunk and I do not know about the others who were also drunk... 
Well, the party was LOOOT of fun, thank you BS! It was a greeeaaattt party! Just that there was not too many people and not too many copying... 
MY  opinion  of the winners of the democompetition: 
1. Chrome  (GREAATT!!!) 
2. Vyvyan  (The best music ever !) 
3. DiskNet (The music was COOOL !) 
4. Zados   (Sorry, the starobjects 
                 were cool though)