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We have pleasure of informing you that, for the third consecutive year, the SUSPECT group will organize a meeting, dedicated to the Amiga and its scene.


From the 26th to the 27th of August 1995. The meeting will start about 10:00 AM on Saturday morning, and last until Sunday evening.


29200 BREST

A main room, with all the necessary conveniences (wc, cloak rooms, video, distributors), will be at the members' disposal as well as other several rooms for the rest of the party attenders.

The party place can be reached from the station or from the Place de la liberte (main place of the city). The bus service will allow you to reach the school without any difficulty. You will have to get down at the bus stop called Place Albert 1er - Fac de medicine. Then you walked down to the cross roads since the school is just further on the left. The journey from the station to the school by bus will only take about ten minutes.

For all walking fanatics, take the Clemenceau Avenue until the Place de la liberte, then take the Foch Avenue which will directly lead you to the Place Albert 1er, which is not very far away from the school.


60 FF (Amiga, monitor and cables) 70 FF
80 FF (in the opposite case)      90 FF


An entire liberty will be let to each group, for the choice of the production to present (Demo, Intro). The main aim being to compete, and not to win! Of course, the winners will be rewarded for their novelty (and not for their prestige). Note that this year a special prize will be attributed to the most pleasant group of the meeting.

Each production will have to work on a standard configuration (A1200 2 Mb Chip and 0 Mb Fast. The size of the exe file is not stated (avoid the 40 Kb intros)). The more attenders we have, the more domains we can cover and of course the more important the rewards will be.

The sponsors will be many, this year round. Mc Donald of Coat ar Gueven, Phill Pizz, La Cave du Chateau and Shopi are just a few names. We are also going to get in touch with faithful retailers like Materials, Peripheriques and DP and the fanatics' journals.

We realized with the experience, that the invitations for the meeting should be paid up before the working-out of this text, in order, on one hand, to know how many people will participate (this precaution allows us to avoid any withdrawals in the last moment) and, on the other hand, to allow us to set rapidly the awarding.

Please send your correct details (with the assumed name of your group) as well as in what competitions you would like to participate:

SUSPECT PARTY ZONE III 9 Avenue Clemenceau
29200 BREST

Tel: (at meal times)

accompanied by a cheque made out to Yann HUGUEN with a 2,80 FF stamp (a new one, please).
For more informations, write to:

Mr. Xavier GOAOC
49 rue des 3 freres Leroy

MURKY (Marc)
Modem 14.400 B / 28.800 B


The spirit which made the success of the previous meeting will be retained. We can't and we don't want to pretend to be a party as sumptuous as the Saturne Party 3 . In a way, we complement to this kind of events in a different style, in a convivial atmosphere and in a more qualified spirit of competition.

In this respect, we would like to thank Tobias Richter, Doh, what has been DARK DEMON, OPUS MAG, all the team of the NGC group, the DEMONIAC group, the RAC members and a number of persons fpr their appreciation of the organisation of the SUSPECT meeting, which is a "family" organisation which owes a lot to its members and to it's the devotors.

At last, the SUSPECT group releases itself from all responsibility concerning thefts and other offences (illicit copies for instance) which might happen during the meeting, but informs the attenders that all offences will be punished by the immediate exclusion of such.