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Interview with Rioter of Equinox                            By Playboy/Prologic

Hi there Rioter. Will you please introduce yourself.
My name is Rioter, and I am a member of the group Equinox. I am 16 years young.
My function in Equinox is Organizing, Coding, (look out  for my new demo called
Levithan) and a little bit swapping.
Yeah I have seen your Levithan demo, and it  is very nice  for only 6  days  of
coding. Can you tell me something about Equinox. How many members are  you, and
what are their functions?
We are about 50-60 members  worldwide  even  though we have only  existed for 3
weeks. Our  group  was  formed  by  some  members  from  Scoopex,  Red  Sector,
Powerlords, and new age. In sweden we are 5  members: Mr.  Palmer (Music, Gfx),
Agnuz  (Code,  Gfx),  Pentangle  (Music),  Arcade   (Code,  Swap),  and  Rioter
(Organizer, Code, and little Swap).
Thank you VERY much for not writing all the members, just imagine how long this
interview would  be... But  anyway how  is your  relationship  with  the  other
members? Is friendship important in your group?
Octon, the organizer in Norway is a very good friend. I have only met him once,
but we often speak on the phone. The same to Opus and Tripwire in the UK.  Then
Mr. Palmer is an  old and very  good friend  of  mine. We have  met each  other
several times, he is also drawing the graphics and  composing  the music to  my
game. Anyway  of course  friendship is  important. It  is the  whole  point  of
hacking. Friendship is actually the reason why I am in the scene.
Well it sounds like you have a very good  relationship with the other  members.
By the way, what hardware do you use?
I've got an Amiga 500 with  Kickstart 1.2 / 1.3, 512 Kb  Chip Mem, 512 Kb  Fast
Mem, a CBM 1084 monitor. I also have a MPS 1224C printer and an external  drive
plus of course tons of disks all over my room.
Pheeew, that was quite alot to say at  one time so here's an easy one for  you.
How much time do you spend on your computer per day?
That is very different from  day to day. It is  everything  from 2 hours to  23
Ok I can understand, that  you are  limited to 24  hours per  day, BUT  I  have
actually  found out a way to  have up to  30 hours  per day. The  secret,  well
actually it is quite simple, just  crunch the time  with an  ordinary  cruncher
(Time-killer) It works just like a disk, smart eh! CUT THE CRAP. Were you  ever
active on the old 64?
Yes of course, but not long enough to be famous.
I know just how you feel, and I don't want to  talk about  that period  either.
You mentioned something about phonecalls to e.g. Norway and UK. How much do you
actually spend on your computer (Phonebill, stamps etc.)?
Phonebills are no problem because my parents  pay them He, He.... BUT I do have
to pay for the stamps. About $50 per month.
I can only say you lucky bastard. I would be more than happy  if my stamp-bill,
and my phonebill were  that small, but unfortunately.... Have you ever  been in
trouble with the Police, Postoffice etc.?
I have had trouble with the police, but that has nothing to  do with hacking. I
had some  trouble with the postoffice too, when I was  faking stamps, but  they
didn't do much. They just told me to stop faking. (continues in next article)

(continues from previous article)
You were pretty lucky back there, right? But how many contacts do you have?
At the moment I have about 30 good and fast contacts.
How many parties have you visited, and which one was the best?
I'm not sure, but I think there are so  many I can't count  them, but the  best
organized was the easter conference '90.
I can understand, that you are having problems with counting them. (I was never
good at counting either.)  Another  thing that is  difficult to  count, is  the
number of diskmags. What to you think about them? Are there too many? Which one
is the best?
I don't think that there are too  many, but some  disk-mags are of  a very  bad
quality. It is always nice to get different points of view. In my opinion  Zine
is the best mag at the moment.
Well that is more or less my opinion too, but I don't think, that  quality is a
problem. If the mags  are of a  poor quality they will  not last very long. Now
here is one of the funny  parts of this  interview. I am  going to  give you  a
hint,  and  then you  should  just  add some  comments. Let us  start out  with
I think it is better to  put all effort needed to make a megademo into a single
demo. Hopefully the quality will be better then.
DRUGS...Shit, Shit, Shit and fuck the users!!!!
FAKED STAMPS...Sooner or later you'll get caught...
BOOZING...Sometimes I enjoy it (He, He).
CONFERENCES...Very nice, you meet all your friends in the scene.
MODEM TRADING...That can be  good  if  you need a  program  very fast,  but  it
destroys the friendship.
Well enough about that crap. Here is a hard one for you. How would you describe
a Lamer?
A lamer is a guy, who thinks, that he is the  coolest and best  guy around.  He
always boast about everything he has done, but  probably 99%  are lies. He  has
probably never asked a girl for a date.
Geee.. That sounds really lame. Now it is time for your favorite...
GROUP: Kefrens.
CODER: Promax
REAL MUSIC: J.M. Jarre and Guns'n'Roses
GAME: Lemmings
TOOL: AsmOne
DISK MAG: Zine (ed:$%^&^#@#$@%&^*)
REAL MAG: Hustler and Playboy (NO, I don't think they named it after you...)
COMIC: Don Martin and MAD
BEER: Elephant
FOOD: Chinese and Pizza.
(continues in next article)

Well now we don't want to ruin the whole interview by  this crap, so I guess  I
must ask you about a horrible thing.. YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE....
That would be to wake up in bed the day  after a party, and  realise, that  you
actually slept with the uglyest girl at the party.
Bwwwaaaaddddrrrrr... THAT WAS HORRORFYING!!!!!! and now to something completely
different. Tell me about your other hobbies, if any..
I train karate, and then i'm very found of girls, but i'm that kind of guy, who
prefers the romantic way instead of the fast fuck.
Now there are some healthy interrests, I would very much like to  continue, but
unfortunatly I ran out of questions, and have to end  here. Is there a  special
message for all your fans out there?
Just remember, that all COOL ELITE guys can reach me at +46-381-15745.
Great. Thank you very  much for  answering these  few(?)  questions, and  don't
forget our party.