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__First of all, please give us some personal information on your person:
__Well, I was born on October 13th, 1976. I've lived in Aarhus, Denmark
for the most of my life and I am currently studying Computer Science and
Physics at the University of Aarhus. Besides coding and studying, I enjoy
singing, walking, some swimming (Preferably in the ocean, at all seasons)
and a bit of biking.

__When did you enter the scene and how does your career look like?
__It probably started back in 1992, when Toastmaster encouraged me to
learn assembler. So I did. I became gradually better and better but
did not release anything serious. Until 1996, that is... So one could
say that I became a coder simply because that is what I am good at
(And I like it, too, of course). I made some music in the past, but
you wouldn't want to hear that.
__About the groups I am member of: Efreet was formed in 1993 and 1994 and
is almost unchanged since then. The core is still formed by Lemmus,
Existence and me. I joined Fnuque in 1996 (It was called Subcult at that
time) as a support coder, mainly because I wanted to participate in
their meetings.

__Like you just mentioned, Efreet does consist of only three members
and as far as I know, all of you are coders and everyone does a bit
of gfx or music. Will this change in the future by taking in
other graphicians or musicians, turning Efreet into a "normal" demo
__I would like to, but Lemmus insists on Efreet remaining a group doing
these "coder"-type of productions. Or at least not normal demos.
I have not really made up my mind about what to do then. I would espacially
like to work together with talented graphicians, but I don't know if I
will join some group as a triple-member or do it as a cooperation.

__The majority of the scene first noticed you when you won the 4k competition at TheParty6 - how did this event change your scene-life?
__It was a tremendous joy. Our first release of DeepPan on the South
Sealand 1996 was a bit of a fiasco, and Peanut was my first good and
finished release. I think we got a great deal of recognition then.

__As a coder you're famous for pushing the limits of size limited intros, by real-time raytracing logos and calculating the music! Would a large demo project appeal to you?
__If there's something about it which makes it not just an intro with
more graphics and music in it, yes.

__Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from when you code?
__I have a problem there. Most of my ideas are primarily technical, and
there's some way from the technical background to a nice-looking
effect. Most of the design in our productions is done by Lemmus.
But as to the ideas, they often bump in from nowhere when I let my
thoughts flow while doing something non-computerrelated, like walking
in the High Tatras in Slovakia...

__Very interesting. Since the internet got so poular it is also easy to get access to algorithms, formulars and source code examples through it. Do you use those in any way? Where do you see the difference between stealing sources and using those resources? (Maybe you don't!) 
__I sometimes find algorithms this way, but most often I develop my own
with inspiration from what I have seen around.
If the information is specifically stated as public, and the coders
are lazy (which they are, indeed), I see nothing wrong with using some
source that you find useful. I never do it myself, though. I prefer to
understand the algorithm and do the code myself. This way I know
precisely how my things works.

__So, if you code a new routine, how do you proceed? Do you first write it down on paper or try the routine in C, like some coders do? Or do you prefer the old school method to code it straight in assembler?
__I think it through many times and perhaps scetch a bit on
paper. Sometimes I do a test in AMOS, but the coding itself is always
done directly in assembler. I often use C for conversion programs and
things like that.

__Can you still remeber the first demo you have seen? Was it a reason for you to join the scene?
__No, I don't remember the first demo I saw. My original motivation for
coding was more what I did with it, than what others did. (It has
gradually become more of a combination though.) Actually, when I heard
the phrase 'The Scene', I was already in. If I were to mention a
specific date, it would be my first party, the South Sealand 1995. What
keeps me going are clearly the parties.

__How would you explain the scene to a person not involved in it?
__A subculture of persons using their computers for artistic expression
in all imaginable ways.

__That's a short but good definition. Have you ever earned any money with your computer skills, besides the prize money at parties?
__No, it has always been just a hobby. Until I started studying computer
science of course...

__And how did you spend the prize-money from several parties?
__Mainly to cover the expenses related to the party. And maybe a bit of

__Do you also code on other platforms? What motivates you to continue on the Amiga?
__I code a bit on Unix, because that's what we use at uni. Coding demos
on Amiga is partly a matter of what I know and am used to, partly the
many tricks you can do with the Amiga hardware (Unlike many others, I
still find the Amiga hardware very useful for demos).

__Some coders don't consider productions like "State of the Art" by Spaceballs or the Melon stuff as demos - what is your opinion? Do you see demos as art?
__Surely demos are art. And as such its limits are very wide. Many
people do not consider much modern art as art either. It's a matter of
taste. But if it's executable, and it says it's a demo, it's a
demo. The main expression of a demo does not neccessarily have to be
that of the coder.

__I can only agree on that! While we are at a intellectual discussion, what invention in real-life do you consider the best ever (Besides sliced bread, ofcourse?

__And which 3 itmes would you take with you when going to a secluded island?
__Pencil, paper and eraser.

__Finally, what are your plans for the future (Scene and real-life)?
__Studying at the the university is wonderful! (I just had my first exam
today, phew!)
__As to the scene, I have no current concrete projects. I am working a
bit on a LightWave-scene-converter, plus a little bit of this and that.
I would like to do some demo project during the summer, but I have neither
any ideas nor anyone to work together with. But I trust that will all
sort itself out in the end.

by Grey (c) Insomnia'98