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This  interview  was done in "95, so it"s
old,  but...   Nevermind.  Interview with
Curt         Cool/Depth^Kinky        made
Timer/Appendix^Depth (old times, hehehe).

Hello  friends!   This  time  We"ll  read
about  my  organiser  Curt Cool, so let"s

Timer: Hello Curt Cool!

Curt Cool: Hello Timer!

Timer:   At  first write some words about
Yourself and the group You are in.

Curt  Cool:   Well,  I"m  20 years old, I
have  been  on the scene since the end of
1992,  in  fact  you  could  say my scene
debut  was on The Party 2...  I live near
Copenhagen, Denmark with my parents (I am
going  to  move  rather  soon  though), I
party  &  booze  a  lot...   I guess I am
going to get myself a new job soon, and I
might  even study at university some time
in the future...

I  was  one  of the 5 founding members of
Depth in 1993, and I am proud to tell you
that  all  5 of us (Curt Cool, Gizmoduck,
Folcka,  Quedax  &  Nightsight) are still
more or less active on the AMIGA scene.

Today  Depth  is  a really big group with
divisions  in  Denmark,  Norway,  Poland,
Sweden and Finland.

I  guess the Danish especially famous for
our  black  humour,  and I can safely say
that  THAT  is not over yet.  (meet us at
parties and see why!).

Timer:    You  are  a  functional  member
right?   As  I  know You are a organiser,
swapper, musician and modem trader.  What
from these profession You like better?

Curt Cool:  I actually prefer music.  But
I think it is quite fun to swap as well..

Timer:   Let"s  talk  about  Depth.  This
group  is now very productive.  Last time
You   released  2  demos  -  "Puost"  and
"Darkhawk   er   Sød".   There  are  more
productions  to  come,  and  I think they
will  be  even  better?   What  is Depths

Curt  Cool:   Well, "Puost" and "Darkhawk
er   Sød"   are   in   no   way   serious
productions,  they  are only made for the
sake  of  fun.  Still, you can all expect
another two demos, The Official Eurochart
#xx, and some music/chip pack series.

And  I  think that the Polish division is
also  working  on quite a few projects...

Timer:   How are You feel in Depth?  Fine
or bad?  What do You want change?

Curt  Cool:  I really like being a member
of  Depth,  and  I  have always liked it,
although we have been a really lazy group
for a long time now I guess.

If  there  is  anything  I  would like to
change,  it  is  the  contact between the
divisions,  which  tends  to  be  not  so
good...  Still, with the internet, I hope
this is going to change.

Also,  I  would not mind having some more
coders  in  our Danisg division, and some
more graphicians in Poland...  ;)

Timer:    Sure   You   have   Your  scene
favourites  right?   So let"s go!  (under
names  write  why  do You chose just this

Group: Artwork

Because  they  have  the  best members...
Though  I  think  that  there were better
groups in the earlier scene days....

Coder: Azure&Tron

Because   they   coded  The  Gate,  which
features  the  best code ever in an Amiga

Graphician: Lazur

He"s just amazingly active.

Musician: Trip/Depth

The   most   original  and  multitalented
musician   on   the   AMIGA  scene  ever,
mastering  all  styles  from  Ambient and
Techno  onto  Classical  music  and South
American rhythms.

Mag: Abnormalia

It"s just brilliant.

Demo: The Gate/Artwork

Although the design sux!

Pack: ???

Don"t get many of those these days...  :(

Timer: Now normal favourites from live ;)

Drink: Beer

Food:  Well, erm, dunno how to say this..

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Tv-Channel: I hardly ever watch TV..

Band:   Baal,  a Danish band...  Or maybe
The  Cardigans,  a  Swedish  band...   Or
maybe  Blur,  or maybe someone else...  I
don"t know...  I like music, basically...

Timer:    Many  people  heard  about  The
Eurochart,  could  You tell us about this
mag?  Apperance, subjects etc.

Curt  Cool:  Well, it was started in 1989
by old legend Dr.  Awesome/Crusaders, and
in  1992 Estrup/Static Bytes took over as
main editor.  In 1995 the last issue from
Static  Bytes  was  released, and in 1996
Depth will take over.

The style will largely be the same as the
old  issues,  at  least  considering  the
design  (which will change for each issue
as usual), and the way it looks, although
it is being completely recoded.

The  editing  team will be:  Cytron (main
ed),  Curt  Cool  (co ed), Bakerman (news
ed), Gizmoduck (co ed).

There  will be lots of clip arts, not too
many articles, lots of charts and lots of
photographs in the gallery.

Timer:   You have a girlfriend, so please
tell us what is she?

Curt  Cool:   ARGH!  She broke up with me
under a week ago, so we"ll just skip onto
the next question I hope...

Timer What"s Your favourite hobby?

Curt  Cool:   Well,  my  AMIGA...  But of
course booze, girls and partying are also
very important to me, and mentioning that
also brings in my non-scene friends....

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read/write  error,  so  this interview is
uncomplet :-)