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     I n t e r v i e w   w i t h  
   D e s t r o y e r   /   T D D  


²TJ: First, introduce yourself a little bit! (Age, Handle and Group, yar carrier, ........
¹Destroyer: Yobba! My real name is Nicolai Barbat and I`m 17 now. I live near Wuppertal, United Germany, at the moment but I was born in Schalke. My handle is Destroyer and I`m editor and swapper of The Dark Demon Germany. Look out for our diskmag  Midnite Mess 2 coming soon! First I were in a small crew which was called Heavysoft. But we never released anything so the group was wiped out. As everybody else in the first time of having a new computer I played and played and played. In June `92 the cops came, but I only had legal stuff then - let`s see!

²TJ: Aha, let`s see. Do ya own a modem?
¹Destroyer: No, do I have to? I do not like the modem scene ... there`s less friendship and it`s too expansive!

²TJ: Do ya like watching stunnin` demos/md/dentros, ...?
¹Destroyer: Yeah, of course! That`s the best stuff on the Amiga.

²TJ: So, let`s come to another point of view. What do ya do when ya aren`t sitting in front of yar machine?
¹Destroyer: Well, I play volleyball in a team and then, on the other side I like to make music with sum guys. Going to pubs with friends is fun, too! And I`m working for our stunning school-magazine.

²TJ: What are yar favourite alcoholic (?) drinks?
¹Destroyer: Ha! Alc is cool! Try Dom-Koelsch (hey you sucking men from Duesseldorf!). Does anybody knows cow-milk? Hmm, that tastes great (harhar!) ...

²TJ: What about yar best-ever-seen movies?
¹Destroyer: Coz I`m interested in the USA I like the Movie "North and South" from John Jakes and "Dancing with the wolf". I hate movies and books from Stephen King, coz they are totally unrealistically. And just don`t forget: kick Batman!

²TJ: With whom would ya like to dinner today, if ya can choose any people? (...and why?)
¹Destroyer: Saddam Hussein ... just to shoot him down! No, just a little joke. I would really like to meet the bandleader of the Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, coz their music is the best ever! And I would like to talk to Manni Kleimann (who knows him?), coz I like him as a character.

²TJ: What do ya think about the scene today and it`s changes in the future?
¹Destroyer: The scene is a little bit confusing at the moment, coz every new group wants to get to the top by making a pack or a disk-mag. The innovative persons and groups (Silents, Alcatraz, Majic 12 ...) are missing or releasing not much stuff. The way to solve this problem would be if the coders would sit down and work hard on a new intro / dentro / trackmo or something else instead of programming a packmenu. Besides the quality of real disk-mags is low. Just take a look at these many ones which are totally shit coz in everyone the same text-types, the same news are printed (TDD tries to go another way by writing articles about other subjects). The future seems to be black if nothing changes. Fortunately the elite guys are keeping up with the Amiga - it is the future - only losers are buying a lame PC. That`s my subjective opinion ...

²TJ: What do ya think about the low-cost PC`s?
¹Destroyer: As I`ve told above I hate PCs. The scene on these machines is dead or still not born (?).

²TJ: If IBM sucks, how will be the name (in yar opinion) of PC`s? "XXX (indi.) and Compatible" or what?
¹Destroyer: IBM won`t suck, coz it is the only great PC-maker and by the way ... it isn`t allowed to die ... IBM is Western standard and all Japanese computers are to fuck the hell!!!

²TJ: Would ya like to send ELITE-GREEZ to sum guys?
¹Destroyer: Yea, o` course. Some personal hellos are flying out to (no order): all members of The Dark Demon, Deadline (Tatu), Cocoon Dezign (Death Lord), Drifters (Exterminator), Principes (Mic), Curacy (Antex), SILICON (STRANGER - please write me, I`ve lost your addy!), Acrid (Mendrik, Sir), Scorpio (Array), Crime Devils (Karma), Quadriga (Khul), Tech (Tronix, Fizban), Iris (Epic), Grace (Virus), Backdraft (Tiger), Supernova (Sledge), Bronx (Bloody), Motion, Lunatics, Zenith, Interactive, Armaggeddon, Arise, Arsen Lupen ... and all my pals around the GLOBE!

²TJ: What about giving yar contact addy here in?
¹Destroyer: Write to me and you will see that friendship rules ... fuck the hools! Write to me for swapping all kind of LEGAL stuff you can think of: Nicolai Barbat, Destroyer / The Dark Demon, Weberstrasse 5, W-5608 Radevormwald, United Germany.
Or call me: +49 / (0) 2191 / 668373 ...
P.S.: Everybody will get an answer! AUSSER RECHTE SCHEINE!

                      _  _   _
   Bye, Destroyer of  |  |>  |>