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ETHIC, TRSI and REMEDY have the pleasure to invite you to The Convention 1996. The party will start on Saturday, 2 April 1996 at 16:00 CET and end on Sunday, 3 April at 09:00 CET.

The event will be held near Berlin, the capital of Germany. The exact address is:
Blauhaus Potsdam
Heinrich-Mann-Allee 103
14473 Potsdam

The main hall is big enough for about 500 people. There will also be a cafeteria and an extra quite place to talk in piece. The cafeteria will offer the usual snacks and beverages, but if you are looking for some real food, Potsdam also has good restaurants and bars. Typical prices for beverages are 2 DM for 0,2l soft drinks (Cola, Fanta, Sprite) and 4.50 DM for 0,3l Beer (Schultheiss, Rex).

How to get there:

Potsdam is at the south west corner of Berlin. The Blauhaus is located in the Heinrich-Mann-Alle Nr. 103 in direction of Rehbruecke, which is about 5 minutes distant from the centre.

By car:

from the north - A-24  from Hamburg until Dreieck Havelland
               - A-10  Berliner Ring in Direction Leipzig / Magdeburg
                       until exit Potsdam-Nord
               - B273  in direction Potsdam, street in direction city

from the West  - A-2   from Hannover until Dreieck Werder
               - A-10  Berliner Ring in direction Dresden
                       until Dreieck Potsdam, direction
                       Dresden / Frankfurt (Oder)
               - A-10  Berliner Ring until exit Michendorf
               - B2    in direction Potsdam

from the South - A-9   until Dreieck Potsdam
               - A-10  Berliner Ring in direction Dresden / Frankfurt (Oder)
                       follow until exit Michendorf
               - B2    in direction Potsdam

By train: You arrive with IR/IC/ICE whether at Potsdam/Stadt, Berlin/Wannsee, Berlin/Charlottenburg or Berlin/Zoologischer Garten.
From Berlin there are S-Bahn-lines S3 and S7 to Potsdam (Stadt)

From station Potsdam (Stadt) you can go by taxi (with hardware) to the Blauhaus (5 min for about 10 DM) or direct from the bridge by tram in direction "Stern" or "Rehbr|cke" (fourth Station "Sporthalle"; 2,20 DM for about 10 min).

The entrance fee will be 20 DM; only German money is accepted. Girls and foreigners (with identification & passport) don't have to pay the entrance fee.


Food and drinks will be available for purchase during the whole party. Toilets are available but we have no showers, since we think that there is no need of having showers.

Outside the party place there is enough place for 100 cars in a parking lot in the vicinity, and of course there are many available street spots.

4 security guards will be on duty for the entire duration of the event. Should there arise difficulties, visitors are encouraged to bring their problems to the organizers table.
The power supply will be as decentralized as possible to prevent the chance of losing power.

Tables and chairs will be provided (this is not a standing party), so don't forget your hardware!

The following competitions are being planned: Amiga demo, graphics, music, c64 demo and other fun competitions.


  Amiga Demo Compo            Music Compo            Graphics Compo

1. place  -  1000 DM     1. place  -   250 DM     1. place  -   250 DM
2. place  -   500 DM     2. place  -   100 DM     2. place  -   100 DM
3. place  -   200 DM     3. place  -    50 DM     3. place  -    50 DM

The c64 demo and the fun compos will probably be honoured with hardware prizes.

If more people will attend the party than planned, the prizes can raise or we will organise more fun compos. For more information read the party updates. The same will happen if we get more sponsors.

The prizes above are guaranteed anyway and won't get replaced by alternatives like 5 free beers!


Only unseen productions will be accepted to compete. Every competitor has to be present at the party, during the competition. Only one picture per graphician, one module per musician and one demo per coder are allowed in the various contests; and the deadlines won't be moved for ANYBODY. Any pictures and modules which are used in demos which also happen to be contributions for the demo compos can also contribute in the graphics or music contests.

With each contribution, we must receive a filled out sheet, which will be available from the organizer table or at the entrance. Untrue information concerning the contributions can effect the exclusion of this same contribution from the competition.

All voting will be in the hands of the party audience. At the entrance gates, every guest will get a vote sheet together with a stamp. The vote sheet will also contain an overview of all party events.

During the competitions we will also try to show the important background information and not only the name, group and title.

Music competition:

All modules have to be in protracker format, and the size is limited to 400K. The maximum run length is 5 minutes. The deadline for this contest is set to 21:00 CET whilst the competition will be held at 23.00 CET.

Graphics competition:

Hand painted or rendered pictures are accepted. Pictures can be up to 676 by 550 Pixels in size, and in no more than 256 colours. If parts of a picture have been scanned, this MUST be stated on the contribution sheet. The deadline for this contest is set to 00:00 CET whilst the competition will be held at 01.00 CET.
Amiga demo competition:

All demos have to run on an Amiga 1200 with 030 turboboard clocked at 50 mhz, and equipped with 2 mb chip ram and 4 mb fast ram. The competition machine will also have a hard disk. Every demo will be shown for 20 minutes. The deadline for this contest is set to 02:00 CET whilst the competition will be held at 04:00 CET.


16.00 : opening of the hall
17.00 : official opening of the party by the party staff
19.00 : fun compos
21.00 : deadline for the music compo
23.00 : music compo
00.00 : deadline for the graphics compo
01.00 : graphics compo
02.00 : deadline for the c64 and amiga demo compos
03.00 : c64 demo compo
04.00 : amiga demo compo
05.00 : voting (from the end of the amiga demo compo on)
05.30 : prize giving and official end of the party
09.00 : the last party survivors will be thrown out of the hall

In the main hall we are forced to make some special rules. If you can't follow these rules, you will have to leave the party. Every illegal usage of copyrighted software is not allowed. You have to take care for your hardware by yourself, since we will not hold ourselves responsible for any stolen hardware. You can bring your own audio equipment with you. Please don't bring any loudspeakers with more than 2x20 Watts. Tags are only allowed on the special wall. Spray cans are forbidden and will be confiscated. Drunken people, hardware thieves and all other trouble makers will be thrown out or handed over to the police. Anyone who damages anything will have to pay for it. Please don't bring any food or drinks with you into the hall. You will find everything at the bar inside the hall. If you have something to eat or to drink with you, please eat/drink it outside the hall. The deadlines won't be moved for ANYBODY.


Here are the members of the staff of the convention 1996. These people will try their best to show that it is possible to arrange a cool party in germany.

main organizer   
big-rat of eTHIc

the staff        
Bloodrock of tRSi
               Hawk Hunter of eTHIc
               Lucas of eTHIc
               Madstop of eTHIc
               Magic Max of eTHIc
               Nero of eTHic
               Ramses of Remedy & Dynamix
               Siegel of tRSi


You can register yourself at the Punishment Inc. Bbs on +49-30-694 84 70 (international), 030-694 84 70 (national), +49-30-694 85 70 (international), 030-694 85 70 (national) Please enter username and password as party. Here you can also get the latest information about the party.
You also can register via internet by sending a mail to, or you can visit our soon coming www page on

You can also send letters to: Kai Hoepner
                              Niedstr. 16
                              12159 Berlin

Please give us a telephone number or an address where we can reach you to check the authenticity of your registration. It's not sure that we will call back every person, but it is possible that we call back to check whether you still intend to attend. If you insert a bbs number, please tell us which handle we may use for login, which access password(s) we need, and where we should send our mails to (full user handle). All phone numbers and/or addresses are SAFE; only the party organization team has access to your registration and the infos are kept SECRET and WON'T get spread anywhere.

If you and your friends register, you'll help us to calculate about how many people may approximately come to the party place. Females won't pay any entrance money, but please include them in your registration list, too.