Inteview with Bootbuster

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CJ: At the beginning please introduce yourself.
BO: I'm BOOTBUSTER  of CONTRAST!  I'm graphican and swapper!  I also make musics
    (fun)!  I'm 17 years old!
CJ: Which way have you gone in the computer scene? Which computers did you have?
BO: My first 'real' computer was a C-64. In the year of 88 I bought an Amiga.
CJ: What other hobbys do you have exept computing?

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BO: I listen to Techno, going on real Parties and things like that!
CJ: How much time do you spend with the Amiga each month?
BO: I think about 80 hours (10 more or less...) for my machine!
CJ: What hardware do you have?
BO: I'm  using an  A500 with  extended Mem and extended Drives.  I also own a 85
    MB HD.
CJ: Which job do you have in your group at the moment?
BO: GFX, SFX, Swapping
CJ: Do you read other mags than CJ?
BO: Hack-Mag, Disktrash, I read them all!
CJ: What's your favourite game?
BO: Eye of Beholder II
CJ: What's your favourite Demo Coder, Sounder and GFX Man?
BO: I like SUNJOHN, AUDIOMONSTER and the other guys from Silents.
CJ: What do you like in your group most?
BO: We all know us very good!
CJ: Which group you would probably want to join?
BO: I can't say anything abouyt it.
CJ: Which group would you never want to join? Why?
BO: I would never join AMAZE! They are lame
CJ: Do you like copy parties? What do you think about this one?
BO: Yes  I like  them very much becoz of having fun!  You meet cool guys and you
    have fun with them!
CJ: What do you think about the scene in general?
BO: I like it very much, but there are too many groups at all.
CJ: Do you have a modem?
BO: I hate modems, becoz of friendship reasons!
CJ: What do you think about BlueBoxing?

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BO: I don't use it anymore! I think it's too dangerous! Too many guys used 'em!!
CJ: Are you angry about the police?
BO: No, becoz  I think that they are just doing their job.  I've no sympathy for
    them but I do not worry about 'em!
CJ: The PC is coming up. Do you think the Amiga will die?
BO: I don't worry about this fact, becoz I own a 486!
CJ: If I want to contact your group, how could I do that?
BO: You should own an envelope and you need a pen to write!
CJ: Do you want to send some messages or greetings at the end?
BO: I  want to  send out some greets to:  REBEL MC/TSB, SLICK/DESIGN, MOGLI/TDC,