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DRC: Hi S.O.S., pleeze tell our readers something about yourself
     and the group you are in !
SOS: I'm 16 years old, leader and mainswapper of Armageddon and just
     started to try it with composing some sounds. Armageddon consists
     of 9 members at the moment.
     Perhaps you want to know something about me in private (if not I
     won't care anyway) ? So my hobbies are partying, the beat of hip-
     hop and also those nize creatures called girls. I've got both
     brown hair and eyes. At last I'm about 180 cm tall.

DRC: O.k., what do you think about the quality of the german scene ?
SOS: The german scene is the best in packing-buissines and swapping, no
     qustion. But as stated in most articles I don't think that it's
     wrong that we have no really good coders here. Of course we have,
     but some (or most ?) of them are a bit lazier as in other
     countries. I think this is because you'll get faster kicked out
     e.g. of a swedish group, if you're inactive as if you're in
     germany. It's the same with the musicians and graphicians.

DRC: Now, how would you define a Lamer, or better, what is for you
     a real Lamer ?
SOS: A real lamer for me is a person talking shit about others (to give
     a group a bad reputation e.g.). The ones who just started to swap
     aren't lamers. For me they are beginners. And everyone of us was
     once. In the I.C.E. issue 7 I read an article about the word lamer
     and I think overall it's also my opinion what the article-writer
     states. The word lamer in general is wrong. Let's call it loser.
     Who is a loser ? Easy ! The ones who always suck.

DRC: After this serious questions, lets come to some loozy askings, so,
     chat a little bit about ya equipment !
SOS: Rite, really some loozy askings (hehe). O.k., my equipment is that
     of a normal average swapper: I've got an Amiga 500, 1048 monitor,
     mouse and joystick, a 3.5" external drive, a 1MB memory expansion
     and a printer.

DRC: And now we come to the most interesting thing in life,
     what is up with ya sexual life ! (You donĀ“t have to answer that)
SOS: I'm not homosexual and neither bisexual. I'm also not pervert or
     anything like this. So guess what my sexual life looks like. At
     last I've got to say that I don't fuck my disk-drives.
     If you want to hear any sexual stories from me, I just got to say
     that I don't need that (but most freaks need showing off).
     To give the not-so-fast-thinking freaks the answer: I'm normally
     heterosexual and I'm normal as any other boy (not as any other
     freak beyond us).

DRC: When did you start the scene and in which groups have you
     been before ???
SOS: I started in the scene about 2 years ago. I started Armageddon in
     November 1991 and never was member of any other crew, because I
     wanted my own crew.

DRC: How many hours a day do you spent in front of ya Amiga and have
     you ever thought about quitting the scene in fact of that ???
SOS: I spend about 1-2 hours in front of my screen when I'm doing the
     swapping-stuff. Because after you copied 10-20 disx you're not in
     the mood to rest a longer while in front of the screen. But if I
     got a cool disk-mag or a really amazing demo I can read the whole
     disk-mag thru in one part or watch the whole demo to its end.
     I never thought of quitting the scene in fact of that. Only if I
     sometimes get too  much sendings and it got on my nerves I
     sometimes thought about quitting. But I think everyone of us does
     his work for the fun of it and not to become famous. Because if
     you do it for the second reason you'll surely quit the scene very

DRC: O.k., last but not least some words to your contax.
SOS: Regards to my friends and contacts (I won't send out regards to
     every person) !
     Thanx, Dr.Chaos for interviewing me.
     I want to set down my advertisement at this place. Because the
     dudes who read my interview must really be somhow cool (hehe):
     Contact me for elite legal trading at: Sven Oliver Schempp,
     Goerdelerweg 80, W-7300 Esslingen. Send no faked stamps !

        Thanx for the Interview S.O.S. !!!
              Dr. Chaos/Amaze on January, the 13th in 1992