Inteview with Cyclone

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        Interview with Cyclone
             by 3D Addict
      re-edited by Ctp/Mawi^L124

(3d) - 3D Addict

(Cyc) - Cyclone

3d  -  Tell  me  a  little  bit  about

Cyc  -  My real name is Holger and I'm
22   years  old.   I'm  a  student  of
electrical    engineering    at    the
University   of   Dortmund,   a   city
situated  in the west of Germany, well
known for it's numerous breweries.  :)

3d - What was your first computer, how
and  when  did  you become involved in
the  scene  and  when  did  you  start

Cyc - I got my first computer in 1986,
a  c128, and I still have it today and
switch  it  on  from  time  to time to
watch  some  new  demos.   I  coded  a
couple  of  intros  from  90-92, but I
didn't  do  any real gfx at that time,
only the nescessary things like logos,
fonts  etc.   In  late  91 I bought an
Amiga500.  My first 'scene'-production
was  a  1993  dentro.  At that time, I
was  in  a  local(lamer)  group called
Leprechaun (but I guess that's the way
everybody starts, isn't it?).  After I
could  afford an A1200 in 94, I joined
the  swiss  PC  group  Psychosquad  in
early  95.  But unfortunately the time
in that group was very unproductive (I
don't  even  own  a  PC  today),  so I
joined  illusion  in  september  95, a
really nice group with good friendship
and  party-celebrating people.  But as
everything  went  down  the drain with
the  German division, I teamed up with
Abyss  in  summer  96,  and  I'm quite
happy there.  :)

3d  -  Which  hardware/software do you
use  now,  and  where  do  you get the
inspiration from?

Cyc  -  I'm  using  Brilliance  on  my
A1200,    it's    still    the    best
pixelprogram there is (for my needs at
least).   My  inspiration  comes  from
various  sources.   I've  got a really
huge  amount  of visions and ideas for
pictures and productions, really crazy
and   stupid   most   of   the   time,
admittedly.  But I think brainstorming
is  a  good  way  to  give  the coders
certain hints and help.

3d - How many hours a day do you spend
in  front  of your amiga, and how many
of those hours are used on making gfx?

Cyc  -  At  the  moment I switch it on
daily,  arg!   And  I feel I spend far
too  much time on irc'ing, compared to
my  time  on  painting.   Sometimes  I
could  kick  myself  for that, really.
But  spend  all  of  my  spare time on
scening??   No way, I prefer going out
with  friends  etc.   Hardly any of my
friends know what the demoscene is all

3d  -  I  know  from my own experience
that  it can take days and often weeks
to  draw  a good picture.How long does
it  take  to  draw  a good picture for
you,  and  what are the most important
aspects of making a great image?

Cyc  -  10-30 hours.  I do many things
in  just  a few hours which would have
taken  me over 10 hours only 2.5 years
ago.   It took me quite a long time to
develop my own style, and I think that
I've   finally  found  it.   The  most
important  aspect  is  -  in my view -
that  the  picture  radiates a certain
feeling  towards  its spectator.  It's
hard  to define as everything's just a
matter  of  taste.   In  my  opinion a
certain   'scenish'   touch   is  also
important,  which  is the reason why I
only  use lores.  Hires is too easy to
cheat    imo(except    for    a    few
pictures/artists).   Lores painting is
thus  a  bit harder, cause every pixel
you  set,  is  later  on 'seen' by the
spectator,  whilst  in hires mode, the
pixels  are too small.  It's a certain
challenge  to  paint  in  lores.  Also
colour  mixing  is much harder than in

3d   -  What  do  you  find  the  most
difficult  to draw, and which phase of
your     drawing    do    you    enjoy
most.Personally  I  like mostly making
the  finishing  touches when the image
is about 95% complete.

Cyc  -  Personally  I  like  to do the
outlines   and  rough  shading,  which
gives you the very first impression of
the   picture,   and   you  can  still
experiment  a  lot.   The  'hard work'
phase  is what I really hate to do, as
it's  robs  a  lot  of your time.  The
final   phase   gives   you   a   very
satisfying  feeling, that's why I like
this part most.

3d  - Is drawing in 8 bit color mode a
limitation or a challenge for you?

Cyc - Not really, I can well live with
128 colours, I don't need more.  Maybe
I'll  try truecolour out some day, but
that's  not for sure.  I love to use a
large  amount  of  small  ranges  with
falsecolours, and mix these ranges up.
Many  artists  have  like  4 ranges in
their  picture.  Imagine a portrait of
a  guy.  Then they use the first range
for the skin, the second for the hair,
the  third  for the background and the
forth  maybe  for  the lips or eyes or
whatever.   So,  what  I want to point
out here is that they don't really MIX
their  ranges,  which is rather boring

3d   -   What   do   you  think  about

Cyc  - Suggs in 90% of the pics.  It's
also  hard  to  believe  that  certain
objects   were   really  made  by  the
artist, and not found on some CD.  The
most   ridiculous   way   of  using  a
renderer is to create a logo.  Type it
in,  choose  your  texture,  set  some
lights   and   camera,  and  click  on
render.  How lame..

3d - What about redrawing?

Cyc  - Difficult topic.  To be honest,
I  think copying is nescessary in most
cases.   Not  for a whole picture, but
for  parts  of a picture.  Some people
keep insisting on 'original' work, but
look  at  their  pictures:  It's comic
work  or  wild  collages,  and who can
proove  that  certain  parts  of  that
collage  aren't  redrawn  from another
piece   of   art?    Really,  I  think
considering    no-copies   as   better
pictures, is a stupid attitude.

3d  -  Being an active scener for some
time  now, you must have seen a lot of
pics  made by other graphicians.Who is
your favourite graphician?

Cyc   -  Made,  RA,  Niko,  Visualize,
Phase, Fadeone (in no special order)

3d  -  What are your favourite groups,
musicians,  coders, diskmags?Favourite

Cyc - won't answer this..

3d - What are your future party plans?

Cyc - My next party is hopefully going
to be Wired97.  TP97 for sure.

3d  - What does the scene mean to you,
and  which aspects do you like/dislike
about it?

Cyc  -  Talking about the Amiga scene:
really  creative  people  for  a large
part.   Everybody's  crying  cause the
scene  is rather small compared to the
one  3  years  ago.   But!   There are
still  good  demos,  aren't  there?  I
prefer  the Amiga scene to the PC one,
to  be  honest.  PC is too mainstream,
at  every  party DOZENS of entries for
the  demo  compo,  and 80% looking all
the  same..   really  sad.   The Amiga
scene  means friendship with many cool
people  to  me,  it's  simply great to
meet with foreigners who have the same
great hobby as you.

3d   -  Have  you  ever  considered  a
carrere as a professional graphician?

Cyc  -  I've had a few offers to paint
for  games,  but most of the time from
lamers   that   know   nothing   about
painting/coding/how  to  make  a game.
They  just  want  to  make a game, but
don't know how..

3d    -    What    are    your   other
interests/hobbies,  besides your scene

Cyc - Going out with friends, drinking
beer  and  so  on..   Unfortunately my
studies  take  a  lot of time, so it's
not  possible to have any other 'real'
hobby besides scening.

3d  -  One last question:  how did you
come up with your handle/alias?

Cyc  -  haha,  I  decided  to  use the
handle  Cyclone  in early 1991.  To be
honest,    I   searched   an   english
dictionary for a 'cool' word with less
than  9  letters  (some  c64 reasons).
Many  times  I  thought of changing my
handle  (as there are at least 2 other
Cyclones  in the scene), but I decided
to keep it..

3d  -  Would  you like to say Hello to

Cyc  -  Ich  gruesse  alle  Saeue  mit
langen Fussnaegeln..

3d  -  Thanks  you  for your time, and
best  of all in your future plans as a
graphician.  :)

Cyc  -  thank  you, was a pleasure for