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Name Category Sys-Ops Country
OutpostMultinodes, Multi-groups BBS
Wirefire Sweden
BoondocksMultinodes, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Sal-One Netherlands
Brain CrashMulti-groups BBS
Krypton Germany
Chaotic EntityChanging number(s), Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Swift J USA
City Of JoyMultinodes, Changing number(s), Multi-groups BBS
Big Boss (aka BB King) Sweden
Dark Tower (USA)Multinodes, Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Shadower USA
Dominators WHQRingdown, Multi-groups BBS
Magic Italy
Uzi SuicideMultinodes, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Don Dog USA
Eleventh HourMultinodes, Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Mko, Rush USA
Europe's ChaosMultinodes, Multi-groups BBS
Hooligan, Trion Germany
Fast LineMulti-groups BBS
Fix Sweden
Forgotten Realms (USA)Multinodes, Changing number(s), Ringdown, Multi-groups BBS
Caliph (aka Cayliph) USA
Fuck ShitMulti-groups BBS
Billy Poland
Gates Of AsgardMultinodes, Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Rotor USA
Head TraumaMultinodes, Multi-groups BBS
bbs sysop unknown