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Name Category Sys-Ops Country
007's BBS USA
13th HourAce, Venom United Kingdom
1st Offence USA
2 The ComaSniker Finland
22 Acacia AvenueRagman Sweden
The DjungleStanton Sweden
3.14Humanoid Germany
3x3 Eyes United Kingdom
4AM ClubFlatlined (aka Piper Flatline), Outlaw USA
4th Protocol USA
79th TracDamage Inc. USA
96th Dimensionbbs sysop unknown USA
A Different WorldThe Fineline Switzerland
A Split SecondSplit Finland
A-baseCr8or (aka Cre8or) Sweden
A-filesTool Finland
A.P.D.E.S.Def Leppard USA
A.P.T. HQ East USA
A.P.T. HQ South USA
A.P.T. WHQbbs sysop unknown USA
Abigail Sweden
AbilityJimmy Australia
Abnormal BrainsChanging number(s)
bbs sysop unknown
Abnormal States
AbsMakro Germany