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Hacker is different from phreaker and larger than the latter, who concentrated on phone hacking and especially ways to pass international phone calls for free. The hacker also penetrated into networks, on servers, etc. and often used social engineering techniques to get passwords and other sensitive information.

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Rebels Belgium
1 release
Coder, Hacker
Tribe, Mirage Uk United Kingdom
Evil PriestSysop, Phreaker, Hacker
Paranoimia, World Of Wonders, Pure Evil, Infinite Possibility Society, Hysteria (USA) USA
FranticOrganizer, Modem Trader, Phreaker, Hacker
Abuse (old) Worldwide
Joe FridaySpreader, Phreaker, Hacker
Dark Team Poland
Phrozen GhostSpreader, Phreaker, Hacker
Red Devil
1 release
Coder, Swapper, Hacker
Paradise Sector United Kingdom
1 release
Sysop, Phreaker, Hacker
Alpha Flight, Delight, The Fiend Club USA
The Mighty FredHacker
Fusion Belgium