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To cope with multiple numbers: Multinodes is the case where the BBS had several numbers at the same time.

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Name Category Sys-Ops Country
Abnormal StatesMultinodes
Lonewolf Uruguay
Acid RainMultinodes, Changing number(s)
Ashton, Panther Netherlands
Acid SlamMultinodes, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS
Chuckie, Digiman
and 2 more
Akira ProjectMultinodes
Devious Doze Canada
OutpostMultinodes, Multi-groups BBS
Wirefire Sweden
Beast (aka Daffy Duck) United Kingdom
Bandit's BBSMultinodes, Ringdown
Bandito Australia
Bate's MotelMultinodes
Sinatra, Tsm Germany
Beverly HillsMultinodes
Dave Germany
Beyond AkiraMultinodes
Devious Doze, Fallen Angel
and 1 more
Black Box (Germany/near Hamburg)Multinodes
Gandalf Germany
Black LagoonMultinodes
Archimedes Australia
Black MonasteryMultinodes
Black MoonMultinodes, Multi-groups BBS
Calypso Germany
Black OpiumMultinodes
Evilive USA
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