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2 releases
ASCII Artist
Damones Finland
27 releases
Texter, Graphics Artist, ASCII Artist
Nah-Kolor, Sadist, DoggyStyle, Twilight Editors Team, Kore, Dinx Project, Sector 5, Appendix, MadWizards, L124 Poland
5 releases
Coder, Cracker, ASCII Artist
Resistance, Rascals
7 releases
Music Artist, Graphics Artist, Swapper, Modem Trader, ASCII Artist
Iris, 242, Rage Sweden
12 releases
Texter, Graphics Artist, Swapper, ASCII Artist
Depth, The Magic Guild, Sidcrew Norway
51 releases
Coder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop, Modem Trader, ASCII Artist
The Silents, The Electronic Force, Movement, Rebels, Zyx, Pornos, Thunder Dome (Sweden), Supreme (new-bbs) Sweden
13 releases
Graphics Artist, Sysop, ASCII Artist
Void USA
1 release
Graphics Artist, Sysop, ASCII Artist
Tribe, Defekt, Therapy, Fear, Nerve Axis, Northern X-Posure, Chromium United Kingdom
29 releases
Music Artist, Texter, Organizer, Founder, ASCII Artist
LSD, Defekt, Divine, Surprise! Productions, Eclipse, Futura, Hipnotics, Dianetix United Kingdom
ArchimedesCoder, ASCII Artist
AryanASCII Artist
Supreme (new-bbs)
AxebladeModem Trader, ASCII Artist
Infect, Intense, Cyanide Netherlands
AxlSysop, Modem Trader, ASCII Artist
Apathy, Area 51, Hellfire United Kingdom
2 releases
Texter, Swapper, ASCII Artist
Sector 7, Absurd Norway
BaggenASCII Artist
Division 93
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