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Name Category Members Country
Amiga Circle
9 releases
Dr. Slump, Hot Shorts
and 7 more
9 releases
Series Publishers
Bounty, Colorbird
and 11 more
Evil Circle
1 release
Nemesis, Rebel
Light Circle
Magic Circle
6 releases
Captain Future, Ego (aka Ego The Avatar)
and 9 more
Round Circle
The Inner Circle
6 releases
Axiom, Captain Q
and 11 more
The Light Circle
9 releases
Series Publishers
Duke, J.J.
and 3 more
The Round Circle
5 releases
Goofy, Pem
and 4 more
The Time Circle
39 releases
Series Publishers
Alf, Arnold Boke
and 24 more
Vicious CirclePiwy
Walking Circles
5 releases