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Spaceballs (NO) (Series Publishers)





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  • Fairfax (NO) (Andromeda) (design, title)
  • Joachim (NO) (Lemon) (loader picture)
  • Mack (FR) (Melon Dezign) (loader picture)


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The Player 5.0A
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The Player 5.0A
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downloadRAW 06 - loaderpic 1Graphics

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Interview with Azatoth


I somehow materialized into an empty, warm, white room.
The walls were white, the table white, the two plastic seats white, the bed
white with white sheets.  There wasn't anything else, except a white guy in
white dresses.
He was Azatoth himself and it made me feel not at my ease meeting him in a
mental hospital.
I sat down, I stared his deep white eyes and I wondered if I was in Albinlandia.

Interviewer: Hallo Azatoth!
Azatoth: Phenomena *Looks like an idiot*
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Interview with 911

THE Interview With 911/MovementOne of the two Worldleaders - Or Worldorganizers as he prefers to call
himself, especially done for R.A.W by Astro/Movement :->

Please tell us When,How and Why Movement was formed and
what were all those rumours about in many different diskmags about
Rebels having kicked all of you because of too many members etc.?

The big CLEAR-UP! Hmmm.. The Movement story for all of you who still
don't know what happened exactly.. On the party in Denmark, I met
the finnish Reb
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Interview with Facet

Lemon. - Can we trust them?

In last issue we introduced you to something that should be the ultimate
scene group. It should be a group of friendship and few members. It should
be impossible to get kicked out. They thought Anarchy was too big for then.
What did happen to this nice group we introduced?

Less then a month after this they started new divisions and got many new
members. (Only some WEEKS after it was IMPOSSIBLE to join them). Already
some months after being created they are way over 
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Interview with Hydra

The Stalin of the scene!
Home in Kristiansand, Norway, The organizer in Andromeda, Hydra, 
is sitting and playing chess with his brother Interphace knowing that 
he has to be most perfect organizer in scene history. During 
those years Andromeda has excisted NOBODY has left them. 
During the same period they had accepted some of most talented 
people to join them.


One day he got a call that 4 of the most talentul members left 
Andromeda, and this day Hydra showed his real personality.
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Interview with Jesper Kyd

Jesper Kyd & Co produced a video for X-mas party two year back, last year
they hold the VERY first computer concert which was very successfull. Of
course Kyd/Balle will present something on the Party III as well. This
X-mas they will present us a new suberb music video made by using Amiga.

We have got Jesper Kyd to answer some questions about last year concert 
which was so very succesfull.. and maybe we can get some info about the
new video as well

You arranged a Tec
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Party Invitations

Invitation to The Party 1993


WHERE AND WHEN?The Party 1993 will be held in Scandinavia's largest conference
centre. The centre is called Messecenter Herning and it is of
course placed in Herning in the middle of Denmark. The Party will
be held from Monday 27 December at 10:00 CET to Wednesday 29
December at 15:00 CET.

SPECIAL FACILITIES- Room for at least 3000 people, including tables, chairs and aircondition.

- A quiet, separate hall for sleeping.  But you are free to sleep where you
want to.

- Enor
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Party Reports

Report on The Party 1992

Bad things at The Party 1992and how we will solve them this year!

Last year the party was the best party ever held if you believe the reviews.
But as always a few things went wrong. We will of course do everything we can
to make everybody comfortable. So here we will mention some of the things that
went wrong in 1992 and tell how we are going to handle them in 1993.

Waiting by the entrance

The registration at the arrival was to slow and to come in took forever.

This year the entrance is mu
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Release Reviews

Review on 242

Fairlight/Virtual Dreams - 242
______Well an animation demo, made out of ____digiticed pictures. The rumors says 
that the pictures is about 100*50 pixels, which are zoomed up to a 
normal picture about 320*256. You won't find any amazing coding in this 
demo since it's just about decrunching and zoom up pictures.
The coding was done by Doctor Skull.

In the demo you'll find some pictures too, but only some small logos.
The graphics and design was drawn by Open Eyes.

The music is ofcourse a tec
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Review on A.S.S.

Essence - A.S.S
______The coding is not very originally, ____but average. It contains standard
routines. The only thing I liked in this demo was the text writer in 
the middle of the demo, it's quite originally. The coding was done by 
Touchstone and Roman.

The graphics and design was good. Both small pictures, logos and the title
picture were good, but they've should have made it into a slideshow instead.
Graphics and design was done by Groo and Rafferto.

The music is very bad, and was done b
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Review on Be Quiet

The 'opener' from a new Polish group.  I don't like the CD-player design
and always those ENIGMA-samples...  Anyway, it's quite well with tunes from
dudes from RDST, JOKER, UNION, SUSPECT and one independent dude.  Some
funny ideas in the code!
M: 07   D: 08   C: 07   O: 08
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Clairvoyance

Absolute - Clairvoyance
______The demo started with a nice ____animation from the movie "Free Jack".
So it looked to be more than the normal standard demo, but I was

I bet that avoiding vector is hard? As most of the coders in the scene
they had to show a standard vector object and some dot vector. I'm
quite bored of standard vectors (so are probably you too). Execpt from
the vectors the demo were satisefaying.
All the coding was done by ADT and Edge.

The graphics was very good. There w
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Review on Dance Diverse 1

MAJIC 12 - sorryforgotdabloodyname(93)
Design in graffitti style and music by ZYX.  I don't like dancefloortunes
only in sounddisks.  DON'T U WANT 2 contains logical mistakes.  Too low
samplerate to be convincing and too well-known originals for ripp-offs.
M: 08   D: 08   C: 07   O: 07
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Dance Trance II

INTERACTIVE - Dance Trance2 (93,2 disks)
GFX and design have improved, but still it's dumb replaying and remixing of
socalled "Techno" (or do we prefer to call it Industrial?) It's not too
hard to do, so no hign marks for the music, although it's quite well for
it's category.
M: 07   D: 09   C: 05   O: 08
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode conversions only and even for those ancient times ( not nearer
specified) not much advanced and also not adapted properly.  The design is
quite fitting although not attracting.  The code is - apart from a vector
analizer - quite boring, too.
Maybe for friends of Depeche Mode (?).  The producers aren't members of the
group anymore ( I was told to insert this!).
M: 05   D: 07   C: 05   O: 05
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Digital Intoxication

TECH - Digital Intoxication (1992)
This wasn't supposed to be a sounddisk but a "MusMo" - whatever that might
be Bah, fuck it!  It contains a menu with three tunes, so it's worth to be
reviewed, isn't it?  It's quite good with some nice samples in a welldrawn
shape; plus a nice design with a shadevector-equalizer(?) makes all I need
for a sounddisk...
M: 09   D: 10   C:8   O: 09
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Dream Tripping

Digital - Television
______This demo is nothing but standard ____demo which contains dot balls and
vectors, which I find very boring, the only thing that I found ok was 
the 'intro' for this demo. All the code was done by Streamline.
The graphics was ok, and consisted of some pictures and a font, which 
were done by Flame.
The music wasn't really great, but ok, and was done Flame.
Coding             : 2
Gfx                : 4
Music              : 3
Design             : 3
Entertainment      : 2
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Review on Earwig

INFECT - Earwig   (1993)
Very stimulating begin of a welldesigned and even better coded sounddisk.
The musics by BEATHOVEN, SMT & HOBBES widely reach nowadays standard.  Weak
point:  Too much loading and decrunching on standard AMIGAs.  INFECT prove
that they are the No.1 in eastern Germany...  and again those marvellous
overstatements of themselves.
M: 08   D: 11   C: 11   O: 10
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Extension

Pygmy Projects - Extension
______The coding is good and the music ____fits well, but they've used some old
routines like fractal world of dots and dot tunnels which all demos
MUST have??! Let's talk about the coding. In the demo you can find
vector citys, one of filled vector, and one with dots, I liked them
both. They've also made a vector morphing which is nice to watch.
Standard vector objects where included, with a 'special' shadow
routine. All the coding was done by Coconut and Flame.

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Review on Gastric Ulcer

SONIC - Gastric Ulcer
T e c h n o!  Nice logo...  Aha, people learned from Felix's "Don't you
want me" video:  Fractal-colourcycling.  No menu, no scrolly, no logo?
Haha, the BPM-controller is funky, because MERLIN - the composer - likes to
vary steadily between 107-150 BPM.  Ah, found the menu.  It's the small
title-line.  Nice for Hardcoretechno- lovers.  All others:  Better leave
your fingers off it.
M: 08   D: 10   C: 04   O: 08
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Great Muzaxs 5

VARIOUS - Great Muzax#5  (1989)
This one was brought to us by CRYPTO- BURNERS and contains music by BIT
The CD-player design once was very popular but I hate it.  Nice music.
This one is just right for fans of the ol'megademo times - the breakthrough
of the AMIGA, the times, when I and many other guys started and it is nice
to hear them again...  But it's much nicer to look at the demos themselves!
M: 11   D: 07   C: 07   
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Review on Groovy

Lemon - Groovy
______A very nice demo by Lemon, ____actually I think it's the best production
from Lemon. The coding is really nice looking. The links between the
routines are extremly good. The design is more or less like the Melon
style. The demo starts with a loader picture, and then some presenting
stuff with a nice picture, the rest of the demo is based on nice links
between the rest of routines which consists of vector spheres, plasma
and some vector. At the end there is an rendered animat
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Review on Hallucinations and Dreams

Union - Hallucinations And Dreams
______This demo was really great. I really ____liked the way they combined the
vector and tunnels, it made some sort of an nice 'effect', but there
were parts which I thought were quite boring when it comes to vector.
The demo is on 2 discs. The first disc is just about the presents,
credits etc. And it the other disc is about routines. They could have
used the disc space more efficiently. The coding was done by

There wasn't much graphics, only a font, whi
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Review on Hot Music 4

RAMJAM - Hot Music#4  (1990 (I guess))
Hmm, what do we've got here?  8 not so advanced tunes by BAR.  Again a CD-
player design.  Nothing special...
M: 07   D: 05  C: 07   O: 05
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Jesus On Cheese

S.H.I.T.T.S. - Jesus On Cheese
______Well with lame coding, lame music, ____lame graphics, lame design, you can
actually make a funny demo, which this is. There isn't much hard coding
here, the whole demo is about changing routines with the music.
The graphics is digitized and funny.
The music is a some sort of a hardcore/techno tune, which playes about
3 patterns.
Coding             : 1
Gfx                : 1
Music              : 1
Design             : 1
Entertainment      : 6
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Review on Jesus on E's

LSD - Jesus on E`s (92, 2 disks)
No real sounddisk, but a demo, containing a 27 minutes lasting megamix and
flashing routines.  Together it adds to a funky Rave-demo - Maybe the best
ever!  Still contains some untasty samples and also the whole song is a bit
predictable, but else it`s cool.  Hey, KEFRENS!  This is the way your mix
should have looked like...
M: 09   D: 10   C: 10   O: 10
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Just For Your Ears

ZENITH&BRAINWAVE - Just for your ears
This thing from 1991 uses two disks with weak music by FUNSCHIES + MANIAC.
A coding desaster that doesn't know the df2:  = A2000/4000 users with
standard externals won't have fun.  It doesn't work properly on AA
M: 05   D: 07   C: 03   O: 05
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Move Your Mouse

GENETIC - Move your Mouse (2disks,92)
The whole thing starts with a neat interlaced MICKEY, but the slow track
loader makes me getting impatient.  Ooops, where the menu?  Just a small
vertical scroller...  Ah, I see this IS the menu!  8 tunes by SIRACON, TOM
and FRANCY are not as good as the main idea and the reaction of the mouse
pointer is a bit weired.  Standard M1- samples rule and the style remains
dramatic-spacey-boring.  Therefore, my judgment isn't as good as it could
have been...
M: 07 
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Review on Multi Megamix 3

KEFRENS - MultiMegaMixIII (1992)
The older the idea, the worse the re lease.  The 'forces of the pyramids'
most certainly need a new innovative coder badly, if a trackloader, a
scrolly, some gfx and a scroll-menu isn't enough to them, to continue the
series.  I personally liked the first part but this one is poor.  The mix
is a heartlessly putting together of often badly sampled loops.  No thanks,
M: 05   D: 09   C: 05   O: 05
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Music Dream 2

PHENOMENA - Music Dream.II  (1991)
It has the same design than volume one (except one picture), but at least
the modules and the scrolltext have changed.  8 tunes + 2 Bonus-Tracks (?)
by FIREFOX and TIP are filling the empty diskspace.  Aaah, golden times!
Real great tunes influenced by a lot of different styles - even a neat
Waltz.  It's better than MD.I.  And also than Crystal Symphoy.II.  Love it!
M: 12   D: 00  C: 00   O: 12
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Music Light 1

SYNTEX - Music Light (93)
Weird design in Chrysalis-style.  Music by BIRD + GIBS, using oldfashioned
samples in minor/major manner.
M: 06   D: 08    C: 05   O: 07
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Music Madness

GHOST - Music Madness (91 (I guess))
27 (!) chiptunes by RECOIL and TWILIGHT.  The menu sucks, because the
pointer doesn't react the way I want it to, but on this way one gets cheap
random-play.  Regarding the limitation of space, the tunes aren't too
advanced but ok.  Some of them lack of finetune and often, the accompany is
weak.  The design is a bit oldfashioned even for 1991.
M: 06   D: 06   C: 04   O: 06
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Musicpack I

THRUST - Sounddisk  (88)
This one is an oldie and was released on 22-10-88!  The menu features an
astoundingly nice design.  The 7 tunes partly are conversions with changed
names.  Stupid?  Anyway.  The songs aren't even bad for those ancient
times, but some of them are pain for my ears, due to their age.
M: 09   D: 10   C: 07   O: 09
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Neural Assault

Rage - Neural Assult
______The demo starts with viewing a ____cinema hall and zooming into the canvas, 
followed by the credits.Then comes some vectors using texture mapping,
which I find very nice. There is also some standard routines, one of
them are a very fast fractal. Then you come to a vector world part which
is very slow, and boring. If they had skipped that part I think that the
demo would been much better. All this was coded by Digimatic.

I find the graphics great, but one of the pictu
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Review on Odeon

SOLUTION - Odeon  (92, 2 disks)
"Music at its best"?  Big words!  At least there are 7 songs in different
styles, so something for anyones need...  if one likes MICRON's style.  He
likes TIP and uses his samples, but who doesn't?  The design is boring but
not unfitting.  Conclusion:  Music at its best - NO!  Different styles -
M: 08   D: 06   C: 06   O: 07
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Overload II

JETSET - Overload.II  (1993)
Two years after Overload.I has been released, it's predecessor is out.
What a change!  The spartanic introductory presentation of part one has
been transformed into a colourful graffitti design - maybe the best I've
seen so far on Amiga.  The menu has not changed except of the textplotter,
not being included this time.  The standard of the modules is well, but
typical for todays soundisks.  Therefore, Overload.II to me is not as good
as it could have been.  The compo
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Review on Phon-O-Bomb 1

VIOLENCE - Phon`o`Bomb.I (90)
The first part of Phon`o`bomb mainly concentrates on the design, like also
the following parts do.  The 4 tunes by SKETCH and TECHNOIMAGE, however,
are not as advanced but quite acceptable.  Hm, the third song...  I don`t
know if it has to be that way or if my AMIGA has crashed?
M: 08   D: 11   C: 06   O: 09
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Project Techno

QUARTZ - Project Techno#1 (92,2 disks)
Another Rave megamix, lasting for ca.  35:00 minutes and it was done by
HYDLIDE (or something like that)...  you know, the scroller was hard to
read due to a sucking "Oh-so-Techno" scroll.  The self-made samples are not
so original and the additionals are just ugly.  Plus not much advanced
organizing and technical skills =
M: 05   D: 05   C: 05   O: 05
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Rolling

OMD/RINGARD  -  Rolling  (92)
All tunes by ROLLING.  This one shows a cool Workbench-design with several
small but funny details.  The tunes are well faded, but sadly just average.
M: 07   D: 10   C: 10   O: 10
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Royal Music 2

T.M.G.  -  Royal Music.II  (92)
The design is ugly, but the music by KING ARTHUR has something special,
although still his techniques are simplistic and the samples used in the
nine songs oldfashioned...  but somehow fitting.  The medievalian style is
M: 11   D: 03   C: 07   O: 10
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Smells Like Team Spirit

SHINING - Smells like Team Spirit (92)
The titles are getting longer, the music shorter!  This is a one-file
sounddemo on a small SHINING-only pack.  9 short and old but great
chiptunes by MEL O'DEE, containing 'Scales of Joy' and 'Mel O'Dee I' as
highlights; known e.g.  from MCDISK-intros.  Spartanic hi-res design,
containing a logo, menu a rotating vector stars-analyser and a short
scrolly.  Uncomplicated like the joyful music.
M: 11   D: 08   C: 06   O: 09
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Sound Visions

TECH  -  SoundVision
A 'Musmo' again.  After a "Dotty" demo, a small selector containing 4 tunes
plus one loading song appears.  The musics are well done and made by
CENTROX and 16BEAT/Razor ("Try a little help from your friend.").  Quite
good - that's all to say.
M: 10   D: 09   C: 10   O: 10
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Technological Death

Mad Elks - Technological Death
______Well the demo last for about 5 min. ____Most of the routines aren't very
original, which makes this demo a bit boring, but they really did well
on changing routines. All coding by Mr.Dak and Valdi.

The graphics are below average, but I understand it there is quite a
lack of good graphicians in Poland at the moment.
The graphics were done by Fly and Fli.

They've used a techno music by XTD/Union which is quite good and very good
for the demo.
... read more

Review on The Four Seasons

PARASITE - The four Seasons (1993)
After a tiny but tasty intro, the menu appears.  Sadly the design is not
half as good as in IMPERIAL TUNES - the first sounddisk from PARASITE.
Although the music from LIQUID and SLIDE plus one track from NUT WEELIN is
on the same high standard, the gfx from DINO doesn't fit.  Also the code is
not as complex than in IMPERIAL TUNES.  Then, the strength laid in gfx,
music and code, this time it's "only" the music, helping 'The four seasons'
out of the dust of the
... read more

Review on Waterproof

Illusion - Waterproof
______This is a very boring demo. It ____doesn't contain any cool, nice routines. 
It's only made out of old routines, like circle vectors, circle tunnel, 
fractal world of dots etc. The only thing which I thought where ok, is 
the picture rotating in the beginning of the demo. The coding were 
done by Colorbird, Hammer and Odeon.
The graphics isn't much better. It where done by Sine and PGL.
The music was done by Some1 and Prime.
Coding             : 3
Gfx                :
... read more

Review on Whittaker Music-Mix

DAVID WHITAKER - Music Mix  (1988)
This one was released by DEF JAM & THE YOUNG ONES way back at a time, when
sounddisks were rare to find.  It contains music from great games like
M: 11   D: 03   C: 08   O: 11
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Turmoil

SANITY - Turmoil  (1991)
It's more a demo with 5 tunes from BIT ARTS than a musicdisk, but still
cool!  Nice effects and great tasteful design (gfx by COUGAR) with a cool
RGB-analizer, brief information about the tune playing.  It bores to have
to wait for the selector so long, but it is definately worth the time.
'Turmoil' contains a once being a lot talked about song called 'Mourning'.
M: 10   D: 09   C: 10   O: 11
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

Review on Ultimate Dance

INTENSE - Golden Oldies (92)
DJ MAXX presents five old tunes, but it would have been better if he
didn't.  Ugly fonts and gfx - the music consists of badly used low price
samples over standard beats and basslines.  The KAOS-REMIX badly sucks!
Leave your fingers off it.
M: 03   D: 04   C: 05   O: 03
>>> RokDaZone/INFEKT <<<

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