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  • Peachy (DE) (TRSI / Masque) (loading pic)


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downloadRaw 5 Intro
on The Gathering 1993
Lone Starr - Tmb Design
PowerPacker 4.0
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downloadRAW 05 - titleGraphics

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Guru's Dream BBS:
RAW5A.DMS    P 430818  04-23-93  RAW issue #5.
RAW5B.DMS    P 393282  04-23-93  RAW issue #5.


Interview with Phoenix

Interview with Peachy

Interview with Peachy/TRSI

Peachy has maybe done the Fastest career ever on Amiga. He got known
after his first released picture. That picture was voted as the BEST
picture of 92 by RAW readers.

Your scene career has been very fast. In Summer'92 none had
heard about you and now you are among the Most Popular
Graphicians..  Any comments?

Well, there were only some smaller prods I worked on together with Dreamer.
We both did our final examinations at that time. Do you know that I first
... read more

Interview with Jester


by Lord Helmet and Cutcreator

We tried to get the exclusive rights to publish the interview
with Micheal Jackson, but as we couldn't afford it, we got a
VERY good substitute. May I introduce Jester/Sanity, the man
behind brilliant soundtracks like Elysium and WoC.(Applause!)

Good afternoon Jester, how are you?

Quite fine, actually, apart from the fact that you just mentioned me in
connection with Michael Jackson. He sucks.

You have just released a t
... read more

Interview with Lone Starr


R-_Lone Starr? L o n e Staahar?


R-_Hi Lone Starr!  I am the Reporter!  The same who has interviewed Lord Helmet,
the utterly divine one!

L-_Helmet? I like him! Yup, we always play lego together...

R-_Lego?  C'mon Lone starr, he is mean, he is Lord, he doesn't play childish

L-_Ehi! Lego is not for children! Lego is for coders!

R-_Oops, yes, sorry, of course... by the way, how old are you?

L- Nine, almost eleven.

R-_Ugh, well, you ar
... read more

Party Invitations

Invitation to Rendezvous 1993


hereby invites you to the biggest

event of the summer...

R E N D E Z V O U S  '9 3

Where and when ?

This year the party will be held in
Kristiansand, Norway's 5th largest
town, and tourist-city number one !
To be more exact the party will be
arranged in Badminton Senteret, a
sports-hall located right outside
Kristiansand centrum.

The party will start on

|30 July at 13:00

and will end on

|1 August at 16:00

What will it cost ?

We will charge e
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Party Reports

Report on The Gathering 1993


After last year slaughtering of the Gathering'92 in R.A.W I didn't have
so big expectations to this party.

But it seemed like the organisers had learnt from most of last year's
mistakes and more people met up than I had expected.

So for the first time ever a party has been better than I had presumed.

Let's have a closer look at the different aspects of the party:


Dr.Outtasight did a good job with the invitation. But please be more
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Release Reviews

Review on Book Of Songs

Complex - Book of Songs
The musicdisk
is introduced by a rather adequate picture. The design of
this musicdisk is very orignal and nice. Each song is a picture in a book.

The tunes are made by Jugi and Delorean, and are very realistic
and don't sound like ordinary Amiga tunes. Instruments like tuba and conga
are used, and that shows that Delorean and Jugi dare seeking new paths in
Amiga composing.

My personal favourite on this disk are "Real Motivation" by Jugi. An
excellent tune with grea
... read more

Review on 3D Demo II

Anarchy - 3D Demo II
I can't understand
why this demo doesn't top the one-file chart yet. It
contains a brilliant soundtrack, many good pictures and some really
awesome routines like the dotlandscape, vector-scroll and vector-plots.
And as important is it's good design and speed. The best one-file demo
ever made!

Code          :  6

Music         :  6

Graphics      :  5

Design        :  5

Entertainment :  6

<<<_3D_DEMO_II by Anarchy_>>>

... read more

Review on Absolute Inebriation

Virtual Dreams / Fairlight
 Absolute Inebriation
The coder says that there
are 4 world records in this demo, but my 
eyes are not so impressed. Of course there are good effects like
Graphic Zoomer and Texture Mapping and lotsa more. But maybe some
effects last a bit too long making the demo a bit boring. This demo
lacks speed. The music and graphics are average.

Code          :  4

Music         :  4

Graphics      :  4

Design        :  3

Entertainment :  3

Review on Announce

Lemon. - Announce
Lemon. introduces us to
their first demo. The demo starts with some
really nice pictures by Facet. Some of his best work! The music is
quite rough and nice in the beginning, but gets slower and nice after a while.

There are a cool effect that look like the Chaos "Amiga rulez" effect. But
I still think Chaos' routine is better, although Hannibal's is in

After seeing this demo, we hope we'll see many more Lemon. productions
in the future.

Code          :  5

... read more

Review on Arkham Asylum

AD & DRD - Arkham Asylum
A marvelous tune from Moby with really some good design really do this
demo entertaining. A good effect worth mentioning is the Vector Scroller.

An good demo which boosts with Mobys' excellent music.

Code          :  4

Music         :  6

Graphics      :  4

Design        :  5

Entertainment :  4

Review on D.O.S.

<<<_D.O.S. by Andromeda_>>>

Andromeda's D.O.S. is a rather ordinary product. I found the
music not very good, and the GFX were nothing particular either.
The routines are simple - usual vectors, some little tricks.
The ray trace and glenz are horrible, and there's no design to
mention. I must say I don't really understand how this demo is
as popular as it is.

Do you like beeing fooled?  If you answer
with yes, you will like this demo. It is a good idea to make a
demo in an In
... read more

Review on Delirium Preview

<<<_Delirium by Complex_>>>

Great vector's, but we saw them in Tai Pan's "Vector Preview".
Also some are even too "complex", 3-4 frames per second is too
slow. The Zoomlens and plasm are a bit lonely, this demo
definitely needs more routines. A big minus for not working
with my A1000.

First he shows us some interference-effects. Although
it's a nice idea to use the shadebob-technique to get interference-effects,
he should take a look at the old Mesmerized demo from PMC. You ca
... read more

Review on Demon Download

The Silents - Demon Download
This demo is made by second Silents division in Denmark. But they are
quite inspired by the Kyd-Balle demos. Both the music and design is
quite like Hardwired.

The demo starts quite promising with a great logo from Devilstar. But
much of the other graphics of this demo is below average. The music is a techno tune 
by The Master. It is quite hard, but suits the demo.

Much of the Code effects are seen before, but the dot-flag in the end was
really cool.

All in
... read more

Review on Gastric Ulcer

Sonic - Musicdisk

The grazy guys from Finland strikes back with PSYCHO techno. The Techno style
that Sonic presents us with is the most STRANGE techno style I have heard.
I am really fond of Techno, but I didn't like this at all. The "music" changes
speed all the time and change "rhytm" every 10 seconds.

This music can only be played after drinking a six-pack of beer and it have
be played REALLY loud. Good luck!

Review on Human Target

<<<_HUMAN TARGET by Melon Dezign_>>>

Melon Dezign's demo has some nice effects, especially changing
the routines has been made fluent. There are too few routines,
though, and the music and text writer are not very successful.

This demo usually crashes on my Amiga. But if I play a bit with my
Action Replay and switch off the Harddisk, it runs.

I was exspecially surprised by the bad music, because I used to be a
fan of Static. But his newer techno-shit has not the quality of 
... read more

Review on Mirror

Andromeda - Mirror
_____Andromeda has really used some
_____effort to make the design perfect And it sure is virtually perfect.
It's a design style that just Andromeda can do perfect today.

The music is composed by 3 different composers in Andromeda: Mr.Man, Lord
Interface and Lizard. The slow and atmospheric songs from Mr.Man are the
Best songs on this musicdisk. Lord Interface got two very original tunes,
but "Escapade" decreased  my overall impression by him. Lizard uses some
terrific and 
... read more

Review on Desert Dream

Kefrens - Desert Dream
At last it arrived! This demo was
intended to be released
in the X-mas, but the makers wanted to make it better than an
average demo. So they worked for another 4 months and released
the Best demo in 1993 so far.

The demo starts quite boring with a story about some egyptians,
some vectors, new text blah.. blah.. blah.. But after this many
cool new original effects are showed ... I especially like the
sawblade destroying your screen. Really funny and original!

The gra
... read more

Review on Guardian Dragon 2

<<<_Guardian Dragon II by Kefrens_>>>

This is a rather big demo (two disks). It has a long introduction which
makes it a bit boring. Talking about the graphics we can say that some of the
pictures (like the green gremlin) are very nice. We can't say the same about
the fonts and logos, which are generally not too good. One part which should
have been left out is the jelly-world part - It sucks! The music fits the
demo, which, of course, is very important. The coding is good, but not
... read more

Review on Legalize It 2

Anarchy - Legalize It 2
_____The second musicdisk from the trio: _____Nuke, Dan and Facet. As last time
Nuke has made all the music. IN LI 1 Nuke had only slow ballads. Now
Nuke has moved to another musicstyle, Jazz..

Jazz is a musicstyle no Amiga Musicians has really tried. I think Nuke
succedded with this attempt. I am not really fond of Jazz, but I 
really enjoyed tunes like "Bag Rasta" and   "Breath of Air". But
some tunes were TOO special.. (like Acid Jazz) 

A thing that also surprise
... read more

Review on Lobotom

Nation-X - Lobotom
At once I liked
this demo, it looked like a 87-88 design. The music
sounded old. The routines was some I haven't seen for a long time. So
I though it had a quite nice first part.

But the second part 'Star Wars IV' was bullshit. It was an Odyssey-like
chase, only millions of times poorer. It was nearly pathetic!

The last part was just a picture and a scroll.

Code          :  3

Music         :  3

Graphics      :  2

Design        :  2

Entertainment :  2

Review on Mindriot

Mind Riot - Andromeda
The beginning of this demo
is really mindblasting. Everything is so
nice designed with the music and really put you into a good atmosphere.
After a while the speed of the demo goes down! There are some good
effects in this demo like the mirror effect and the circles. But it's
not innovation that is Andromeda's strongest side. It's the fact that all
objects look nice! Everything look so sugar sweat. Maybe too sweat 

According to Andromeda, 1992 was only an intr
... read more

Review on Misery Dentro 2

Misery Dentro 2
First I
have to say that the title is misleading. I thought Dentro
was an intro to a demo. So when will the real Misery arrive?

This demo is very varied. From the boring routines to the very cool
routines. The Best effect after my opinion is the effect with lot of
circles. New and stunning!

A good demo that could be much better if some of the most boring
routines were excluded!

Code          :  4

Music         :  4

Graphics      :  5

Design        :  4

... read more

Review on Multi Megamix 3

Kefrens - Multimegamix 3

Again the dudes of Kefrens strike
back with a mix of the latest dance/
techno tunes. The mixer is S.L.L..

This time I find the result very varied. The first part is really great with
lot of Dr.Albans samples. But there are also parts where I turn down the 
volume of my Technics amplifier. But the main impression is quite good. I
think this is a good idea. So S.L.L keep on mixing.

The design is simple, only a picture and a scroll. I guess the music got
all the dis
... read more

Review on Musicland

Brainstorm - Musicland
This is the
ONLY musicdisk that ONLY works with FAKE fast mem. That should
be a good reason for throwing this disc in the trashcan. But since I hope
that was not intended by Rob Rose, I will review it anyway.

The music is presented by Axel. He has made many very good tunes during the
last years. I don't think the music on this musicdisk is the best he can do.
There are two songs that are really nice, namely "Technology" and
"Piano Blues". The other songs are not up to A
... read more

Review on Overload II

Jetset - Overload 2

This is according to Jetset a musicdisk! BUT why do they have to show 
DOZENS of pages with BBS numbers, addresses and boring rutines before
we see the menu? My advice is to first show the menu and write all text
you want + some rutines WHILE listening to the musics.

The music is made by Jayce. But he got a problem like so many other
musicians and that's is that his songs become too anonymus & unoriginal.

The design is copied from the the Braun European Top 20. And it
... read more

Review on Playbyte Commercial

 Shining - Commercial Intro
Very nice
introduction, just like Hardwired where you zoom into a 
rotating logo and in this logo you zoom against another one.

The music is a great techno piece. The music is always timed
with the demo which gives a very nice effect.

The intro was made to make some commercial about the coming(?) mag

Playbyte was planned before the first issue of RAW got out, 
and still they haven't released their first issue.

... read more

Review on Q.E.D.

Talent - Q.E.D
It's the first time
I see a good demo totally destroyed by a bad loader.
Stripe The Gremlin has done a good job with the code and the design is
quite good as well. BUT WHY must the demo stop each 30 seconds and start
to load on the disk while NOTHING HAPPENS! I think this spoiled Talent's
chances of making this demo successfull. Too many filled vectors!

Code          :  4

Music         :  3

Graphics      :  3

Design        :  3

Entertainment :  3

Review on Scoopex Plays 2 Unlimited

Scoopex - Plays 2 Unlimited

As you may see from the title this _____musicdisk only includes conversions of
2 UNLIMITED hits. The songs are: Workaholic, Get Ready and Twilight Zone . 

At first I was a bit sceptical to convert real tunes to the Amiga, because
the result is always MUCH worse. But this musicdisk changed my mind 
completely. I have never heard SO good conversions of any tunes on the Amiga
before. I am not kidding if I am saying that you can play this musicdisk 
for a 2 unlimited fa
... read more

Review on Sound and Vision

<<<_Sound Vision_by_Reflect_>>>

Well, they made a really good smear-effect:  looks
great, is great. The Vectorworld is really good, too!  There were a lot of
other nice effects in this demo, so I think this is one of the best this

Graphics: ugly

Sound: so la la

Design: none

Effects: great smear, nice Vectorworld.

New, good Idea: For the first time, a really good and fast smear
effect:  Congratulations, you really made an important improvement to an

Overall: good
... read more

Review on State of the Art

<<<_State of the art by Spaceballs_>>>

Now this is a design-demo. Basically only one routine, a lot of
2D-coordinates and a groovy tune. Still a very good demo,
though it does get a bit boring and repetitive towards the end.
A big minus for not working with my A1000 for this one, too.

Why does he demos?  He should get himself a
videocamera and make music videos¸ NOTHING is realtime in this prod,
(exept some simple transformations, as he told me). If you like it, watch
MTV, y
... read more

Review on Terminal Fuckup

Sanity - Terminal Fuckup
I love this demo!
Short, but new effects and good design all the time.
The module is a techno tune by Jester. The beginning of the module is
just marvelous. One of the Best techno tunes ever made on Amiga. The demo
last not longer than 2 minutes, so you don't have time to get bored!

Code          :  4

Music         :  6

Graphics      :  -

Design        :  5

Entertainment :  5

Review on Vaginal Massacre

U.D.O - Vaginal Massacre
This demo won
the compo at the Cebit party. It's unbelievable! There are nearly
no good effects at all. The only thing I liked about this demo was
the Title picture. Nice girl?! U.D.O must have faked this to the 1st
place in the compo?

Code          :  3

Music         :  3

Gfx           :  4

Design        :  3

Entertainment :  3

Review on Wayfarer

<<<_WAYFARER by Spaceballs_>>>

I really like the intro, although the
movements could be smooth. I criticise the movements because
the movements in the main part are MUCH better. Nice idea, I
like archery (it goes with the family).

The main vector routine is quite good, although the "state of
the art" is still set by Tai Pan and Tec. It has very good
movements, but no animation and is very unprecise. With more
precise calculations it would be quite good.

Although the story is mu
... read more

Review on Wicked Sensation

<<<_Wicked Sensation by TRSI_>>>

Another great demo from Germany. The music by Romeo Knight is
extremely good, and so are the graphics - especially
"Sheryl-Lee". Some interesting code like the shadowed house
part. The credits part is nice, and the C-logo, even if being
an old trick, looks neat. The "vector drive" is boring, and
there's too much jelly and dull text screens, but still the
design is good.

Hmmm, perhaps now I can be a bit more
objectiv, because I had some long ph
... read more

Review on World Of Commodore 92

<<<_WOC by Sanity_>>>

Now this is a great demo.  The zooming scrolltext, Amiga rules,
and credits rotation are great.  It's a pity Sanity have used
old routines like the tunnel and party effect to make WoC last
longer - even some little changes would have been a big
improvement.  Also there should have been a better reason for
shadebobs. Great music, good GFX.

The demo is not so well designed, but the good coding and the very well-made
pieces of music (even though the fir
... read more

Review on Zyclonium

Parasite - Zyclonium
This demo is very normal
demo. You can look at it twice and still don't
remember an effect. There are none bad effects, there are no new effects.
Parasite present you dozens of effects seen before of course with a
text writer between the parts.

This is a average demo with average effects.

Code          :  3

Music         :  3

Graphics      :  3

Design        :  3

Entertainment :  2

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