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Anarchy (Series Publishers)


  • Kreator (GB) (Charts Part, Loader, Gallery, The Magazine )




Individuals and Guests



  • Alex (FR) (Alcatraz) (clipart)
  • Ed-209 (FI) (Exotic Men) (clipart)
  • Hof (FR) (The Silents / Melon Dezign / Intryx) (gallery image-Sunken)
  • Max (TR) (Bronx) (clipart)
  • Walt (FR) (Melon Dezign) (clipart)


Release Features

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musdownloadmod.only whispers01:51used in/for menu

Pro Packer
110072 bytes / crc
added 8/94
musdownloadmod.el alajema04:46used in/for magazine

Pro Packer
162696 bytes / crc
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Pro Packer
56074 bytes / crc
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from Stolen Data 9
used in/for charts

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Diskmagazine Contents

DannyTypecontained asYear
downloadPegasus & PerseusGraphics

added 3/19
SauronTypecontained asYear

added 3/19
no download

added 3/19
HofTypecontained asYear
on TRSI Easter Conference 1992

added 1/15


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Guru's Dream BBS:
ISSUE9-1.DMS P 782970  09-04-92  STOLEN DATA #9 -ANARCHY- 1/2
ISSUE9-2.DMS P 660363  09-04-92  STOLEN DATA #9 -ANARCHY- 2/2

charts text

        Select the Chart of your choice
            The Best Overall Groups
                The Best Coders
           The Best Graphic Artists
              The Best Musicians
            The Best Current Demos
              The Best Demos Ever
              The Best Musicdisks
               The Best Diskmags
               The Best Parties
           && About the SD Charts ??
            The Best Overall Groups

                 1. SILENTS

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Contained Charts Lists

Best Demos

ReleaseTypeRank or %AuthorYear
aka Hard Wired
1Crionics & The Silents
Deftronic - Guzzler - Mikael Balle - ...
added 2/96
downloadPoint BlankTrackmo
Blazer - Duel - Interphace
aka Smell Of Shit
2Crystal & Melon Dezign
Audiomonster - Bannasoft - Seen
added 3/96
Archmage - Dr. Jekyll - Hydra - ...
added 2/94
Lone Starr - President Screw - Sator - ...
added 8/94
downloadsHuman TargetDemo, Trackmo
5Crystal & Melon Dezign
4-mat - Performer - Seen - ...
added 3/95

Best Musicdisks

ReleaseTypeRank or %AuthorYear
Chaos - Cougar - Havok - ...
added 3/95
downloadsBrunos Music Box 3Musicdisk
Bruno - Golem - Nick Price - ...
added 3/97
downloadCrystal SymphoniesMusicdisk
3Phenomena & Rebels & ...
Invid - Jas - Mantronix - ...
added 4/94
downloadsHis Master's NoiseMusicdisk
4Mahoney & Kaktus
Kaktus - Mahoney - Monopoly - ...
added 7/06
downloadSound Of SilentsMusicdisk
5The Silents
Bender - Crux - Jesper Kyd - ...
6The Crusaders
Bustman - El Cubo - Switchblade
added 8/94

Best Graphic Artists

AuthorRank or %

Best Musicians

AuthorRank or %
Jesper Kyd3

Best Coders

AuthorRank or %
The Spy1
Rob Rose3

Best Groups

AuthorRank or %
The Silents1

Best Diskmag

SeriesPublisher(s)Rank or %
RAWSpaceballs, Pure Metal Coders, New Wave1
McDiskAlcatraz, Coma3


Interview with Paleface

@f03@cInterview With


@f00@t6@cInterview performed by TRIX

@t2Hello there! I guess this is no French
dressing  we are dealing with,  so how
about  introducing   yourselves to the

@taAhhhhh Kraft light? hmmmmm uhmmm!
Ladies first!

I consider myself a coder,  founder of
Melon Dezign together with Seen,    18
years old. I like small cute guys like
Seen.   The Guardian Dragon is keeping
an eye on me!     I especially
... read more

Interview with Fred


@^@f09@t1@y004@cINTERVIEW WITH FRED of EX-AGILE!

@f00@taC.A.- Hello  mate!   it's CONQUEST of ANARCHY here for another bloody interview
      in STOLEN DATA.Since AGILE died and most of your members quited the scene
      because of the police,we want to know more about the demo section of this
      illegal team!

@t8F.A.- OK...Yeahh  !!!!   an  interview of myself !!!!!  feel the puma !!hummm,I
      think you want to know everything on my fantastic life first,isn't it ?

... read more

Interview with Corny


@\05,00@w70@f09@t1@cCorny of Shining

@t2@f11@cInterviewed by Judge Drokk

@f00@t4Drokk - Hello Corny!

@t8Corny - Hello Drokk!

@t4Drokk  -  Is  this  the  first time you've been interviewed for a disk
magazine.  If it isn't, who interviewed you before?

@t8Corny  -  I've been interviewed for lotsa (?) small diskmags.  I don't
even remember their names.

@t4Drokk  -  Well,  I  think the best place to start this interview is to
give people a clear picture of exactly WHO you are, so t
... read more

Interview with Seen

@f03@cInterview With


@f00@t6@cInterview performed by TRIX

@t2Hello there! I guess this is no French
dressing  we are dealing with,  so how
about  introducing   yourselves to the

@taAhhhhh Kraft light? hmmmmm uhmmm!
Ladies first!

I consider myself a coder,  founder of
Melon Dezign together with Seen,    18
years old. I like small cute guys like
Seen.   The Guardian Dragon is keeping
an eye on me!     I especially
... read more

Party Reports

Report on Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party

@t7,00@^@f09@cTHE  HURRICANE  DEMOPARTY '92

@f00@ta"This   Amiga/C64-party   is   not  an
ordinary demo-party!". Those were some
of  the  words  you  could read in the
invitation  to this party.   Actually,
the  organizers  of this hmm.... party
faced   that   fact  right   from  the
beginning,  becoz  this sure wasn't an
ordinary demo-party.

Oui,  welcome to this  party-report of
The Hurricane Demoparty'92, which took
place  from 26 to 29 June on an island
in Denmark  called Samsoe.  This 
... read more

Report on TRSI Easter Conference 1992


Holidays,holidays!!That      means...NO
school  work!and  it  meant  too during
this  eastern 1992 a cool party held by
TRSI  in  Leuven/BELGIUM  from  18th to
19th   of  April!!First  of  all...this
party  was  really  well organized from
the begining till the end and then many
cool     dudes     showed    up    from
Germany,Holland,Belgium             and
France!Nearly  400  dudes  visited this
party  coming  from various groups l
... read more

Report on Prime Party 1992

@t2,04@^@t8@f09@cPRIME '92 PARTY REPORT

@f00@t1The  party took place in a luxuous hall
in  Riel near Tilburg during the 1st of
August!    As  previous  PRIMES,the  92
event  was  a  success!About 300 people
showed  up  and  the whole organization
was   good.    The   giant  screen  was
constantly      sup      plied     with
movies,video-clips,video    demos   and
even  pornos...For the first time,Space
Wars,the  new  video-demo  from  Tobias
Richter  was  showed in a party,and the
one  thing
... read more

Report on Anarchy Easter Party 92

@t7,03@^@t8@f09@cAn opinion of Party 92!

On  the 4th April 1992,Anarchy,arguably
the  best  demo  group in the UK if not
the world held their first confrence of
the year, and they couldnt  have picked
a  nicer  day  for it,glorious sunshine
followed  us  all  the  way from Bolton
to    our    destination.  The  Royston
Civic  Hall, Royston ,Barnsley,England.
They had sold over 300 tickets and were
expecting  a  big turn out at the door.
I  arrived  at  about ten a.m and there
was  plen
... read more

Report on Quartz Summer Conference 92

@t2,04@^@f09@t8@cQUARTZ PARTY REVIEW

@t1@f00All  these  facts  are as I saw them or
how I was told them by non lame people.
It   is   not   a  report  or  detailed
explanation  of  the  party  just  some
things  that  happened  or were told me
while  I was there.  Please note I left
the  party place shortly after the demo
competiton.  Firstly congratulations to
JAZ  !!   and  RANX  !!   for  holding,
organising and controling the QTZ PARTY
!!!   First  of  all  the party place !
There  were a
... read more

Release Reviews

Review on Gospel Karaoke

      "Gospel Karaoke" by Complex
 Another  single  file  demo  from  the
 Finnish demo elite - Complex, released
 under  their "Suxx 4ever" label.  This
 demo is not normal at all, it's  based
 on a brand new and very funny idea.
 The coding  of the demo is  not at all
 important, and it's therefor also very
 The graphics  are rather  nice, with a
 logo at the top of the screen, a cross
 on fire  (very nice animation)  in the
 middle and a cool  scroller charset at 
 the bottom of 
... read more

Review on Cat Computer Club

@^@f00@t1     CAT demo by Silents/Crionics
  This is the first real demo I've seen
which  was  made  for  money.  It is no
surprise  that  CCK wanted the creators
of the best demo ever to make an advert
demo  for  them.  It's easy to see that
this  demo  was  made  for money.  Even
though the design is great (as usual!),
and  the  coding  is OK aswell, you can
see   that   SI/CR   haven't   been  as
enthusiastic  about this, as they where
about  HARDWIRED.  I think that The Spy
has  taken so
... read more

Review on D.O.S.

@^@t1            D.O.S/Andromeda

@t4  Finally  somebody  did  it!   I still
wonder   why  it  took  so  long  until
somebody got the idea to do a demo in a
simulated  CLI  invironment.  The first
thing  that  struck me about this demo,
was  the  nice  design, smooth and very
neutral.   It's  very professional in a
sense,  but  at  times I miss some more
energy.   Nonetheless  I  must say that
Andromeda  masters this kind of design,
and  nobody  on the scene today, can do
it better.  Therefore I
... read more

Review on Ecstasy

       "Techno Ecstacy" by Sonic
 Sonic are back with yet another single
 file demo.  This time it's filled with
 action, the  routines  are blasted off
 in a very  high tempo,  preventing you
 from becomming bored at any time.
 The coding  in  this demo  proves that
 Sonic has some really hardcore coders,
 as the routines in this demo (fast dot
 writer,  lightsourced  glenz,  vectors
 with a  plasma-like pattern  on top of
 it, 3D starfield etc.)  are  of a very
 high  standard,  all in  al
... read more

Review on EuroMag 3


@f00@t7ISSUE REVIEWED   -   #03


This   magazine   stretches   the  word
'tacky'   to   new  heights,  it  looks
horribly  unprofessional.  Upon booting
you  are  presented  with a simple menu
screen, that offers you two options, to
either  load  'EuroMag'  or 'Eurochart'
(Sounds   familiar!).   Well,  at  this
point  you  get  the  feeling  the this
magazine  is  hiding  some dark secret,
it's coded in Amos!  The 
... read more

Review on Fleshworld 1



PRODUCER         -   SONIC


@t1This,  the  first  issue  of Fleshworld
tries   hard   to  give  a  good  first
impression.    An  uncomplicated  intro
followed  by  a  colourful,  if  rather
bizzare,  title  picture  are the first
things  you  encounter  during  journey
through  this magazine.  A particularly
nice tune by Heatbeat was played during
the  intro, although it was not a giant
step for him in musical te
... read more

Review on Freedom Crack 09

@t2,19@^@f09@t8@cFREEDOM CRACK

@t7ISSUE REVIEWED   -   #09

PRODUCER         -   VEGA

@t1Freedom   Crack  is  not  the  kind  of
magazine  that  go's  overboard to make
itself  look  good, instead a clean and
tidy 'tastefull' approach is used.  The
colouring  of  the  magazoine,  and the
layout  of  articles  gives a tight and
tidy  overall  look.   Sparse  clip-art
adds  a  spot of variety, but a variety
of fonts is quite lacking, especialy to
title articles.


... read more

Review on Grapevine 11


@t7ISSUE REVIEWED   -   #11

PRODUCER         -   LSD

@t1Grapevine  combines  a slick and glossy
title  picture  by Fish with functional
and  pleasant icons and panel graphics.
The  actual  magazine is designed well,
helpful   function   icons   make   the
magazine   simple   and  easy  to  use.
Colours  and  fonts are a little sparse
giving  the magazine a 'static' overall
look,   better   to   be   simple  than
outragous   I  suppose!   The  
... read more

Review on Guardian Dragon 2

    "Guardian Dragon II" by Kefrens   
 This trackloader demo  was released at
 the Hurricane party in Denmark, and it
 won the democompetition.
 The coding varries  from very  poor to
 rather good,  but the  effects  are in
 general not very hard to code.
 The  title picture  is of a  very poor
 quality opposite the smoking-green-guy
 who is of very high quality. 
 In  general  the  graphics  varries  a
 whole lot in quality,  pretty  strange
 when you  consider the  fact that they
 are all
... read more

Review on Human Target

@^@t1       Melon Dezign/Human Target

@t4  The music in this demo had me jumping
around  and  the  floor quite exstatic.
Yeah  I  really think that the music is
what  gives  this  demo it's energy.  I
don't  care  if  all  musicians  on the
scene  will come down on me, saying how
easy  it  is to compose.  It would only
remind  me  of  the Columbus egg if you
get  my  meaning.  The rest of the demo
varies  a lot in quality.  For instance
sometimes  the design is very good, but
sometimes it falls
... read more

Review on Maggy 12


@t7ISSUE REVIEWED   -   #12


@t1A  credible  intro fronts this issue of
Maggy.  Remaining mostly monochromatic,
the  screen is divided into two halves,
the   first   (left)  contains  a  text
writed,   and   on   the   right  is  a
attractive    dot   plotting   routine.
Whilst  not  mindboggling, its pleasant
and above average.  The magazine itself
boasts another facelift.  The screen is
divided  into  three distinct s
... read more

Review on Magnetic Dreams

@^@t1        Digital/Magnetic Dreams
  This  demo  contains  some  really good
coding,  but  that's  about  it.  There
isn't  any  graphics  worth mentioning,
the  few  logos  and  fonts aren't very
good.   The  music  is allright, though
not  astounding.   But the real problem
with  this demo is the design.  I don't
know  how  they  managed  to  find the
colours  they  use, because they really
don't fit in any way I could think off.
I  could  go  on mentioning things like
that, but I really
... read more

Review on Optimum Fuckup

       "Optimum Fuckup" by Sanity
 Well, Chaos  is  back once  again with
 a demo that's  rather typical for him.
 It's typical as it  contains a routine
 that can perspectivise  graphics, just
 like the  routine  in Elysium  and the
 latest Sanity music disk  -  only this
 time it's better.
 This demo was made mainly to show  the
 world a good routine  (and to make all
 of us believe that  some  really  tuff
 coding was involved).  It's a  wolf in
 sheeps clothing though - the memory is
... read more

Review on Point Blank

       "Point Blank" by Andromeda
 Yep, Andromeda are back.  Another demo
 from the, in my  oppinion, most active
 quality demo group on the Amiga.
 The coding  in this demo is very good,
 the routines  are  very  polished  and
 most important pretty fast.
 The graphics are  pretty  normal,  not
 bad at  all though,  but I  miss a few
 cool pictures  to compliment  the rest
 of the graphics.
 The  music  is  absolutely one  of the
 strongest  parts  of  the  demo,  it's
 very  different  fro
... read more

Review on S.O.S.

    "S.O.S." by Melon Dezign/Crystal
 The second  trackloader demo  from the
 relatively new demo group Melon Dezign
 is called S.O.S., a title that dosen't
 have anything to do with the state the
 group is in, as I reckon that they are
 not  in  any  sort of  crisis.  When I 
 booted  S.O.S. the big question was if
 it could  live up to the  standard set
 in their Human Target demo...
 The coding  in  the  S.O.S. demo isn't
 bad nor brilliant. The circle-scroller
 part is an exception thoug
... read more

Review on Top Secret 11

@t2,19@^@f09@t8@cTOP SECRET

@t7ISSUE REVIEWED   -   #11

PRODUCER         -   MAJIC 12

@t1Top  secret is a very odd magazine.  It
looks crap.  A loading picture that you
can   call  neither  'art'  nor  humour
fronts  the  magazine,  featuring  what
appears   to   be  a  muscular  fantasy
character  and a big plate with an even
bigger  sausage  on  it, oh, and a tiny
peice  of  bacon!   This is followed by
the  magazine itself.  A panel of icons
lies   towards   the   bo
... read more

Review on Wayfarer

@^@f00@t1          Wayfarer/Spaceballs

@t4  Some  time ago, in the Mag RAW, I saw
an   interwiev   with   a   coder  from
Spaceballs.   He  said  that  they were
doing a demo with one big routine.  The
moment I read that, I immediately cried
aaarrrgg   VECTORWORLD!!!    Some  time
later  on,  I  found  out  that  I  was
absolutely right.  Before I continue, I
must admit, that Vector World demos are
NOT  my  favourites.  I don't know why,
but  the famous demos from Alcatraz and
Thomas   Landsbur
... read more

Review on Outer Limits 3

@t2,19@^@f09@t8@cOUTER LIMITS

@f00@t7ISSUE REVIEWED  -  #3


@t1The  first  thing that you notice about
Outer     Limits    is    the    sparse
presentation!  You are presented with a
CLI  screen  and  a rather half hearted
atempt  at  an  attractive  ANSI  logo.
There is a complete lack of the kind of
things that make diskmagazines of today
look  so  much more attractive, such as
an   intro,  title  picture,  clip-art,
there are no titles or headl
... read more

Review on RAW 03


@f00@t7ISSUE REVIEWED   -   #3


@t1A  glossy  and  colourful  intro fronts
this,  the  third  issue of R.A.W.  The
intro  itself is title by a rather cute
overscan  picture by Mystik of Anarchy.
After  the  intro  comes  the magazine.
This  has  the same graphical design as
last  time, but it's so great this is a
bonus,  not  a  sign  of  lazyness.   A
smashing  fairfax  picture appears as a
second  title  when  t
... read more

Review on Xpose

         "Xpose" by Silents DK
 Great, a new  demo from Silents, those
 were  just  about the  thoughts  going 
 through  my mind  when  I  booted  the
 demo, but the  quality  right from the
 loader  screen  to   the  end-part  is
 shocking low.  Dissapointed  is  not a
 strong  enough  word  to  describe the
 feeling I got as the demo progressed.
 The coding of the  demo  is  of a very
 low quality  when compared to the code
 in  Hardwired  aswell  as  most  other
 The  graphics,  
... read more

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