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Risky Business Boys

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Group Members of Risky Business Boys Mentioned In This Prod

Miki, Mr.Mopar, Rattlesnake, The Road Warrior


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Also listed as member was King and Dodger.

Text Inside this Production

here is risky business boys  back in business again
here is some demos we have packed on one disk to save you
some disks.   the members of risky business boys are:
rattlesnake   the road warrior   king   miki
and last but not least artful dodger (usa)  and together we
send greetings to:   irata  vision  danish gold  radwar  skar
 the light circle  hotline  kent-team  kra  t3m  dr.f  tti
acs germany  psycho  synthiwizard  hunters  and all other
contacts.    see you all at danish golds 
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