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Interview with Celebrandil

Starring: Celebrandil/Northstar~Phenomena

Hi Celebrandil, tell me about your scene-
history.. start-time, end-time, duration,
groups, people, the golden years!

My history in the Scene started in 1987,
when I met a bunch of people from a group 
called Defiers at a local party in Furulund 
in southern Sweden. I had together with 
Boerni, a friend of mine, been working on a
game on the C64 for quite some time, but
from then on demos became more interesting.
Mahoney and K
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Interview with Dire

Interprocessing: Dire
   performed by: Browallia

Browallia: Hi Dire! Introduction-phases are 
forever! For my help I take the nasty
trick using the metaphore of a taperecorder
         (please dont  :) )

Dire:  ;) Describing 28 years in one 
single sentence is quite difficult.  I feel 
free to use more then ;)  My brother bought 
his first Amiga back in 1986,  being one of 
the first Amigans here in Germany I guess. 
Soon after I sucked enough money
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Interview with Ghandy

 Hi Ghandy! For those of you who don't know
who Ghandy (or Lars Sobiraj) can be
described as a well known figure in the
scene and currently a member of
Scarab & Vantage. He acts mainly as editor
of for example Jurassic Park, with the
latest issue counting at nr 12 and the
Internet-source located at

 Two other mags are D.I.S.C. and Showtime
and have also played a role in
Ghandys life.

 Happy reading!

 Hi Ghandy, I hope the weather in Germany
is as good as mine in the nort
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Interview with Pink

 Hi Pink, are you sitting relaxed and feel
fully comfortable in your chair?

Yes, tho i'm abit nervous what whacky
questions will come up ;)

 So on to the questions, could you
tell us a little bit about yourself and
your surroundings apart from your
membership with Abyss?

Well, it's not easy to seperate myself
from Abyss cos everyday i have to work with
my group mates in our company called
Shin'en. Beside that 'work' i'm still doing
alot of music. I produced a game soun
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Party Reports

Report on Breakpoint 2003

         Breakpoint 2003 
         Bingen, 18-21 April 2003
         by Browallia

This report started around a month before 
my plans to visit Bingen  when I began 
pixling on my contribution. Even if my
mom has told me, that I should double the 
time for all my plans (which in fact is a 
true sentence for  Nukleus  aswell),  the 
picture was finished like 2 hours before I 
left to a trainstation. Unfortunately, the 
plans for reserving some waggons for demo-
coding freaks didnt work out as it
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Report on European Computer Conference 93

 European Computer Conference (ECC'93)
            report by Smaugur

The Party was held in AÖrebro / Sweden I b
remember when we sat on the bus and many 
in the bus was ready for party sitting with 
monitors and Amiga 500 when I and Crion a 
friend of mine where at the Entrance it 
cost about 140 SEK (13 Euro).

Crion said that he was very peckish to se 
Dual Crew Shining demo that was going to be 
a AGA multitasking demo. 
This was my first com
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Report on Mekka Symposium 2001

Shortcut impressums from 
 Mekka & Symposium 2001
  by Altruist/Tulou and 

First, we bought a car, then we drove to 
Germany.  But lets slow down and take it 
from the beginning.

Getting there:
Altruist put a tape with 'die ärzte' and we 
took our first steps towards  M&S.  3 hours 
of traffic overload for the starting 60 km. 
Great start indeed. What a luck that Alt 
had some more of 'die ärzte' =) In South 
part of Sweden, its not only stormy 
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Report on Remedy 1995

REMEDY 1995 06-08.10       Browallia report
The same day as Remedy was held I had a 
test in english. I put the test on the 
future and went home instead for start 
packing my luggage. After coloring my hair, 
my sister drove me to the party which I 
attended around friday 15.oo

I sat close to  bigscreen beside the  c64- 
group Lame Squad (the coder in Logic Probe 
later on).After a while I started to pixel. 
I had nearly started when Mac Pudel 
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Report on Summer Computer Conference 1997

Summer Computer Conferance, 4-6/7 '97
by Browallia/Nukleus && Iceman/Factor

We arrived to the party, when around 50 
persons already there where. Browallia's 
Harddrive cable was a mezz, but thanks to 
Jocke "the fixxer" ex-member of Factor, but 
this was repaid when Browallia fixed his 
tie.. After getting our luggage into place, 
we splashed our fat banderolls into 
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Report on The Gathering 1998

The Gathering 1998   by Browallia

  Getting to Norway was a bit harder as we
expected, since the only partybus we could 
found started from north of Sweden, a 
province called Dalarna.  I and our new 
musician dIS whent up to a house there, 
which we rent over the night before the 
Gathering. The bustrip then was long but 
         somehow enj0yable. enough said!

 At the Gathering, a great Wiking-ship with
an incredible amount of Amiga groups for 
these days.We nailed our banner in a corner 
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Report on The Party 1996

----- Aars, Denmark, 27-29 dec 1996 -----
a flat country/party report  by Browallia

At the Busstation for getting to TP 3rd 
time in a row we met Crilla/Wrath Designs 
who was busy in putting stickers over all 
and everything about their 4k tracetro for
the Party.

The bustrip was arranged by Fairlight and 
Cascada as usual and since Sweden is a 
quite big country, a last meal was done 
before getting onboard the ship from 

We were good prepared for the party, which 
was unusual an
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