Silent Service (Import Intro) by Finnish Amiga Duo
i.e. Silent Service - The Submarine Simulation v825.01

in Break's - on YouTube - in the Hall Of Light - on Demozoo

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05/1987 is date of release for the intro, which was made by Supremacy according to credit in the binary. This group is neither credited nor greeted in the scroll text.

Text Inside this Production

finnish amiga duo - fad - proudly presents : Silent

Service ...... spreaded by fad in 1987 !
terry and tim from fad send creetings to ..... :
777-team , obelisk , spemu , fcs , eurobyte , ici ,
delta - force , eca , megabyte ,
and all the others who know us. please contact us
if you are interested in
swapping your newest programs. you will get the address
from someone who knows
us at the moment. watch out for our new titles ! ........
now about this game : you will find manual-book useful.....
... read more