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downloadPhantom Fighter +2Trainer
no music - in family
Accumulators & The Softkiller Crew
Copyright Hunter
added 5/16
downloadSavage +1Crack Intro, Trainer
no music - in family
Copyright Hunter
added 1/10
downloadTom & Jerry +1Crack Intro, Trainer
no music - in family
Accumulators & The Softkiller Crew
Copyright Hunter
added 4/11


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Cracked, trained and packed in 6-disks by CH (Copyright Hunter). This is the only cracked version of Dragon's Lair which is in 6 disks like the original, due to hard packing and the removal of a few non-essential data.

This game had one of the toughest protections at that time, due to the amount of data and the method of storing these on the disks.

Otherwise it has been cracked by SCSI/Oracle and H.Syl/Ackerlight in 7 disks, and by Lord Blitter of  Bamiga Sector One (BS1) and The Inner Circle (TIC) of Australian Crackers United (ACU) in 8 disks. There's also rumour of a version cracked by Rob/Quartex in 8 disks.

Text Inside this Production

    Dragon's Lair !!!  6 DISKS and DOS copyable !!! Cracked, packed and trained by CH of TSK & ACC !!! I'm sorry that you guys from ACC want to leave this cooperation but our fucking post is soooo lame that we can't use modems !!!!!!!!!!!  Now some important stuff about this game : Works only with 1 Megabyte ! You load only from df0: (but you must not disconnect the other drives !!) ! Press while playing: H - HiRes, I - Interlace, A - Toggle audio on/off, L - Toggle low pass filter !!  You sure 
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