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Interview with Echo

Interview with ECHO/LSD

ST: Hello please introduce yourself to our readers ! Where to you come from ? How old are you ? Are you working in a job or are you going  to school ?

EC: Hi! I'm Echo from that group in the UK called LSD. I come from a small (crap) town in England called Grantham. Grantham is said to one of the most boring towns in the UK! I'm 

18 years old (Will be 19 in November) and I sit about at home all day, take drugs and write music. No job, just sap every penny I can from th
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Interview with Nosferatu

Interview with NOSFERATU

ST: Hi mate please introduce yourself to our readers! Where do you come from? Are you working in a job or are you going to school?

NO: I was born, and raised in a little place called Texas in the USA... I've been through the school part and now I'm out there amongst the weirdos in the 'real' world...

ST: Did you start on the amiga or did you own another computer before ?

NO: My first machine was a VIC-20 with a whopping 4K of memory, then I  got a 16K RAM expansion.
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Saturne Party 1 1993

'YOU DREAMED OF IT  . . . . . .  SATURNE DID IT  ! ! !'


This Legal-party, organized by the Saturne group, will be the biggest ever realised in France for the Amiga. This party will assemble people coming from all over Europe. One Mega-competition will take place on Amiga 500 and for the first time on Amiga 1200 !!!

DATE : From SATURDAY SEPT. 4th, 1993 up to 8.00 a.m. to SUNDAY 5th
       at 20.00 p.m.

PLACE : IN FRANCE At 20 KM at the East of Paris, easy access, important
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Invitation to European Computer Conference 93


oo   oo oo  oooooo oooooooo oo   oo  ooooo  oo                      
oo   oo oo  oo   oo   oo    oo   oo oo   oo oo                      
oo  oo  oo  oo   oo   oo    oo   oo oo   oo oo       P.A.R.T.Y. '93 
oo oo   oo  oo ooo    oo    oo   oo ooooooo oo      -+- - ---- - -+-
oooo    ooo ooo  oo   ooo   ooo  oo ooo  oo ooo                     
ooo     ooo ooo  oo   ooo    ooooo  ooo  oo  oooooo                 


Sponsored by Swedish Commodore

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Invitation to Somewhere In Holland 93

White label Party invitation

Name:   Somewhere In Holland organised by White labeL.

When:   14-15 August 1993
        12.00, Saturday to 22.00, Sunday
        Non-Stop at night

Where:  Nijmegen/Holland. In a place called 'Het Kolpinghuis', address:
Smetiusstraat 1, Nijmegen.
The place is well known all over Nijmegen. It's a 5 minutes walk from the station and the place can hold 200 computers and more people. If more people show up, we might open 

another hall.

Competitions: We will have 
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Invitation to Sun N Fun Conference II (1993)


JULY 10th AND 11th 1993

Moha! It's time again!! Same place. Same fun. Even better organizing!

Where:  Germany, 5374 (from 1/7 on 53940) Hellenthal/Eifel. The hall is called
        Grenzlandhalle Hellenthal

When :  Saturday, da 10th July from 9.00 until Sunday, 11th at about 17.00

Fee :  Money rulez da world!  You'll need 15 DM to enjoy the party (NO other
       currencies pleeze!).

  The party hall itself will be open all the time.There is room for about 250
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Party Reports

Report on Eclipse Party '92

=-> ECLiPSE 92 X-=

Eclipse '92 took place in Dublin's Royal Dublin Hotel on August 31st 1992, The event was Irelands first Amiga 'Scene Pardey' and largely went down very well with the posse as a first pardey, well what can you expect from such a lame country like ireland, a turnout of 80 dudes, 80% of who were lamers but who cares! There were 2 demo entries into the comps and numerous gfx and musak entries, in general the quality of the competition entries was excellent!

Quadriga won the de
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Report on Semi 93



From 9-11 of april scoopex, energy and manitou held a party in Innsbruck/Austria called 'SEMI '93'. I (Ufo/Submission) drove with Metal Death/Leprosy and Snowman/Leprosy to the party place on saturday. We arrived around midday. The party was held in the sportshall of an elementary school. We entered the party place and met Mosquito/Manitou, who told us that the entrance fee will be 200 ATS for everyone. well that's fuckin' much for a party we thoug
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Report on Submission 1993

=-> SUBMiSSiON 93 X-=

Submission '93 took place in yet again the Royal Dublin Hotel. This time it was organised by Green-Beret/Tekknoid/Summoner. The turnout was roughly 80 people and the pardey timetable was similar to its predecessor. The standard of demos/musak/gfx was better than the Eclipse pardey but the competition organisation was crap! Yeah it was all the organisers' fault's!!! There were virtually no scene warez in circulation so the general lamer-posse were very pissed off, things b
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Report on The Gathering 1993



Dedicated to the party-animals and drunk-drivers from Cryptoburners.

I arrived on Thursday so I missed the first day, but I bet it wasn't better than the rest of the party. I have NEVER been to a more boring party, even the parties where IMP-666 was involved was better, and that says the most about The Gathering '93. This was the final proof of the thing that the scene is growing lamer and lamer! Wherever I went, it was 14-15 years old guys which was watching ba
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