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The Silents (Series Publishers)


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downloadLevel Pack 38Packdisk
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The Special Brothers

added 4/06
downloadUtility Dream 44Utilitydisk
Marley - Saron - Spiv

added 6/09



Description from the accompanying text file: "The Sector-Trasher is a tool for the ones who is sick of waiting on the DOS/CLI to load a menu, game, intro Etc. It is also for the ones who is tired of the Anti-user-friendly sector tools which is already on the market. Sector-Trasher is a sector accessing program which can acces your disk, directly withou accessing the DOS/CLI first, neat ehh? So if you want to fastload a menu/intro or something like that, the only thing you have to do is to finish your disk, BAD it and simply just boot the Sector-Trasher and save the intro or selector in Sectors to the disk."