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(Soundtracker 15 Samples)

Soundtracker 15 Samples
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Ackerlight is dead now. This demo was made for the remembrance of this great group. Designed and idea by JP.
Some infos about Zenith... typed for Antifast the 12-11-1991

 Group Historical Report (Written by ANOME 68000/ZNT)

Well,it's very simple to explain the foundation of Zenith.
Zenith was born at the death of Ackerlight... at the beginning of the
year 1989.A birth is often a happy event,but this time,sadness was
the only word to describe this day... just because Zenith was simply 
the swiss section of Ackerlight !!

We must return to the year 1988.The Amiga scene in Switerland (and
in the world) was very simple.They were not so much group such at
this moment... remember these names: Bamiga Sector One,The Kent Team,
Quoram,HQC,Hotline,The Movers,The Bitstoppers,Unit A,The Light Circle,
The Lightforce,DOC,Axxess,Antitrax,etc...

The evocation of these great names must produce a little dose of 
melancholy to some old Amiga freaks.It was good old time and it's
impossible that this very nice and cool scene comes back...
But it's another subject,let's start our story !!

In the beginning there were four cool guys living in the area near
the lake of Geneva : Black Arrow,Lightstorm,Softline and finally...
Anome 68000.They have exactly the same point of view :

To found a cool and productive group ! (Strange idea,isn'it ???)

In 1988,the "best" swiss groups were... bof,hum,euh... hard to
remember... well...  the names coming to my minds are:

The Supervisors,Moetley Crue Team,Pirhanas,DDC,SCA,Swiss Amiga Duo,
NCC,Atrox,Senses and some others... sorry if I forget some names but 
it's difficult to remember them all !!!

So,our four heroes have decided one night to find a nice name for
their group... it wasn't easy... and after a very long and white
night... they've decided to choose... SMAC Soft. Hum... what a shitty
name but why not ??? As you can see,the imagination wasn't so high
even in these good old times... and that hasn't changed !!!!!
(Take a look at the vectors demos !!)

S.wiss M.aniac A.miga C.lub was born !!!! And our four friends
were very happy !!! Suddenly,the world was better and the sun
was shining and the bird singing and... hum... the question was
"What can do SMAC Soft to be the best ???"

Try to replace "SMAC Soft" by the name of YOUR group and you can
see that everything is coming dark !!! (Just kidding !)

Anyway the question was here and the answer was: SWAP and WAIT !! 
And we have begun our job of mail swappers.Swap each day,swap each
night,swap all the times,swap until your death,swap,swap,swap,swap,
swap,swap,swap,swap... stamps,letter,stamps,letter,letter,stamps,

Strange to say,but this time was the discovery of OUR Amiga.
The discovery of the Startup-Sequence,the discovery of the System-
Configuration,the discovery of the boot-block... and all these
little occult subjects : How to remove an intro and to place
another one... Erase a boot-block and install a "Bootgirl" with
a nice logo... Etc... What a lame period !!! Anyway,I think that
everybody has known this kind of period.I sincerly think that
the word "LAME" doesn't describe a guy but only describes a
certain amount of lifetime... And the guys who are speaking about
"Lamers" as a poor guy don't know what they said !!! 
There are no lamers,there are only lametime !!
Hope you understand !!!

Well,one day,I've decided to contact a very smart and cool guy who
has left an add. in a french magasine (TILT).And the name of this
very cool guy is... FRED.With the meeting between SMAC Soft and
the Fred's phenomena,a new ere has come ! Yes,really !!

Fred was a member of "CHR Service",a group in the north-east part
of France.We have swapped a lot of own products: disks of sample,
music disks,demos,etc... Some weeks after "CHR Service" changed
to "La Marque Jaune"...  Fred was very attracted by the sound and
music capacities of the Amiga.He sent me a lot of Sonix disk !!
We have swapped a lot of things together and the most particular
thing was simply... chocolate !! What a revolution !!!!!
Chocolate in swapping !!! I believe that I'm perhaps the first
guy who has sent swiss chocolate to his contacts... that's not
impossible... remember that we are in 1988.

And finally... "La Marque Jaune" became "ACKERLIGHT" ! At this
point a lot of things changed quickly.I talked with Fred about
the possibilty to make a diskmag with Ackerlight.He gave me the 
phonenumber of Kebra,one of the leadership,and we have started
to plan a french diskmag called "ACKERNEWS".Kebra told me to
visit him in France,to the summer Ackerlight's meeting...

No probs ! I,Lightstorm and some other guys have gone to this
very cool meeting.After two days of fun... (French guys must read 
Ackernews 1 to understand !)SMAC Soft was dead and ACKERNEWS born.

Our four heroes stopped their job of mail swappers and has begun
to write articles for Ackernews... a french CLI mag !!
But a this time,the good coders were rare.Never mind,we've
written a big lot of text !! And interviewed some of the "stars"
of this moment...     Moetley Crue Team (Now: Alcatraz !),
The Supervisors (Now: Avenger !) by example.

In fact we had the opportunity to release only three issues of
Ackernews... (The last one was a "direct-life" at the first
copy-party of Alcatraz).Fred had begun to create very high
quality musics with the first soundtracker.Some of you surely
know one of the Fred's music-disks... Ackerlight was cracking
a game each two days !! The french light was really the best 
cracking group of 1988 and perhaps the legend of all time...

Don't blame me... but when I see some actual cracking crews called
themselves "THE NUMBER ONE",I'm laughing... In 1988,there was only
one "NUMBER ONE" !! Of course,Ackerlight was in war with some
other groups (Megaforce and The Band) but only the own products
can decide of the standard... Only the best get better !

Yes I was proud to be a member of Ackerlight and I was always
supporting our crew since this bad day of January 1989...
Three french members were visited by the police.How the police
has got the addresses ?? There are a lot of possibilities and
it's useless to accuse without evidence.Anyway the facts were
here... the illegal group Ackerlight was dead.  
A page has been turned... 

Well... a lot of groups in Switzerland were very sad to learn
this bad news.They asked us to join them,but we've always 
refused.We were too much disappointed... 
We had known the magnificience and now,we were dust... pure shit !

"Then Ackerlight was dead ?! All rights,but we will avenge them !"
That was our idea ! Fuck the police,kill them all !!!

With the help of Mystical Warrior,our new cracker we have started
to crack some originals and make some trainers.But,after two months,
we were too tired... too much white nights,too much work for only
four guys.We have left the fight against the police.

We have walked through two years of pure layzness and seen many

The death of The Band,Megaforce in France.The birth of Setrox,
Avenger and Brainstorm in Switzerland.The multiplication of these 
little groups which are struggling the Amiga scene and a lot of 
other things...

Now it seems that Zenith is awaking and returning to life.
We have planned to realise trainers and good products...
We have got three BBS in Switzerland,one in USA,one in Sweden and
very soon one in Norway.
Now we have some foreign sections in France,Sweden and in Norway.
They are working fine and we are proud of them !! You will soon
get the result of their work... wait and see !

The conclusion of this story is that 1991 is the fucking year of
the come back !!! Very old crews are coming back after a long time
of abscence and Zenith we'll strikes again too !!!!