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downloadUtility Cocktail 1
on Rendezvous 1992
Deicide - Keops - Remix - ...

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downloadKing Arthur's Util. V5.0Utilitydisk
no music
The Magic Guild
King Arthur
PowerPacker 4.0
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downloadMister Alien's Utility Disk v2.0Utilitydisk
Mister Alien
PowerPacker 4.0
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downloadRound About Pack 12Packdisk
End Of Century 1999
Cyberdyne - Devistator - Toxic

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Status:                             Finetune used: 
No module loaded. 
Loading module... 
Saving module...  
Module Packed.    
Module saved.     
Module not saved. 
File not found!   
Not enough memory!
Write error!      


Length of ProTracker Module:    $
Length of ProPacker Module:     $

Select module to pack
Select module to save
 Load ProTracker module 
 Save ProPacker module  
Are you sure this is a module?
File alread
... read more


                        Well, this is the Docs for:

                    PRO-PACKER 2.1 by Christian Estrup

                       Release Date: April 4th, 1992.


Pro-Packer 2.1 is Freely Distributable. This means, that the program may be
freely distributed (!), as long as the replayer and this docfile are
included. NO money WHATSOEVER may be made from selling Pro-Packer 2.1.
Public Domain companies and their likes, who want to sell this program,
have to get a special, written permission from me. You will find my address
at the bottom of this doc-file.


Pro-Packer 2.1 enables you to pack your ProTracker-modules (and
compatibles). It comes with a replayer, which is able to play the packed
modules a lot faster than the original PT-replay-routine.

The Packer

Using the packer is fairly easy. To load a module, just click in the load
gadget (surprise). You will then see the familiar (?) req.library
file-requester. (This means, of course, that you need req.library to run
the packer!)

When you've selected a module, it will automatically be packed. When packing
is finished, the packer will show you the length of the packed module. The
packer will also tell you, whether or not the module uses finetune (see
'The Replayer' about this).

To save the packed module, just click in the save gadget (easy, isn't it?),
and you'll see the file-requester again. Select a filename, and you're

The Replayer

Using the replayer is almost like any other PT/NT/ST-replayer: Just call
mt_init at the beginning, mt_music every frame, and mt_end in the end.

Please note, that the replayer supports VBlank-timed modules only.

Right before the 'mt_init'-label, you'll see two constants: 'mt_lev6use'
and 'mt_finetuneused'. These two constants are used for conditional
assembling, and they enable you to 'sort of' customize the replayer.

'mt_lev6use' decides, whether or not the replayer should use level
6-interrupt to minimize it's use of raster-time. It is my impression, that
e.g. some trackloaders aren't too fond of running together with level
6-replayers, so if your demo/intro/whatever belongs to this category, just
turn level 6-interrupt off. This will, of course, slow down the replayer.

'mt_finetuneused' decides, whether or not the replayer should support
finetuned samples. Suporting finetune makes the replayer use another 5-6
raster-lines, so if your module doesn't use finetune (the packer will tell
you this), just turn finetune off.

The speed of the replayer of course depends on the number of effect
commands used, as well as on the use (or non-use) of finetune and/or
level 6-interrupt. For a  'normal' module, WITH level 6-interrupt and
WITHOUT finetune, the replayer will use 14-15 raster-lines, but this is of
course the best you can achieve.

Bugs, improvements etc.

I surely hope there's no bugs this time. Just kidding, THIS time I've spent
a lot of time testing both the packer and the replayer with several
modules, and no bugs have showed up (yet). Should you, however, find a bug,
or should you have any ideas on how to improve this utility, OR, if you
would just like to get in touch with me, here's how:

Normal mail: Christian Estrup
             Tornevangsvej 5 B
             DK-3460 Birkeroed

Or, if you're busy, write me some e-mail at (InterNet):


I would like to thank the following people, whose ideas, testing, critics
etc. have all helped me to do this upgrade:

Kim Burgaard for beta-testing and some ideas (Maybe the CIA-version will
show up some day).

Mads Vestergaard for bug-reports and beta-testing.

Carsten Sorensen (Slammer of Anarchy) for, by making a faked
'req.library-version' of the packer, forcing me to include this.

Bruce Dawson and Colin Fox for their GREAT req.library.

And of course all the people who helped me spread this utility.

Program history

Version 1.0: First version. Replayer used about 50 % of the PT-replayer's
             raster-time, and the packer wasn't very efficient.

Version 2.0: MAJOR packing algorithm improvement, for the first time
             allowing me to talk about a 'packer'. And a minor increase in

Version 2.1: This version. Totally new user-interface, using req.library.
             Fixed minor bug in the packer. Packing sped up by about 25 %.
             Fixed bug in the replayer: Register D4 was used as Longword,
             but only initialized as Word.
             Fixed bug in the replayer: Modules with longer position-tables
             than the defined 'length' messed up (e.g. if you defined which
             patterns to play from position 0-63, but set 'length' to 60).

Future:      Well, this is up to you. Write me and tell me your opinion...


req.library is (C) 1989 by Bruce Dawson and Colin Fox.