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Nah-Kolor (Group)


Individuals and Guests



  • Reed (FI) (Damage)
  • Tecon (NO) (Planet Jazz)
  • Teis (DE) (Spaceballs / MadWizards)


  • Adam (FI) (Dual Crew-Shining / Zymosis) (background, fonts, panels)
  • Antony (FR) (Dreamdealers) (title)
  • Optic (NO) (Talent / Planet Jazz) (clip-art)



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Interview with Curt Cool

!Interview With Curt Cool
By Sane/Ex-Scoopex
Interview With CurtCool

"I who is a keen Amiga fan have thought about buying a pc - as a supplement to my Amiga of course." - Curt Cool

Hello Curt Cool. We are very pleased you could find some time in your busy schedule to answer some of our spicy questions! Could you please start by introducing yourself properly and tell our readers all there is to know about your scene and real life!

Curt Cool:
I'm Curt Cool/Depth, my real name is Frank, I'
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Interview with Darkhawk

!Interview with Darkhawk
By Teis/DVN Staff
Interview With Darkhawk

"Devotion and DISC might become the new leaders!" - Darkhawk.

Hello and welcome to another "Live and Direct" Session. Today I'm going to annoy Darkhawk/IRIS about the Amiga scene and his point of view. So Darkhawk. You have a real name, don't you? 

Hrmm.. yes, I think so.. My mother doesn't call me Darkhawk, unfortunately, gets really confusing at times.. Ehr! I mean yes.. Christian is my real name ;)

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Interview with Dharma

!Interview With Dharma
By Teis/DVN Staff
Interview With Dharma

"Get off your lazy asses, get yourself a job and buy a sampler y`all!" - Dharma.

Haha. wordup Monotonik I think it's called nowadays.. but the f*** knows Hol's been changing it back and forth so much I don't think he even knows himself!

Heheheh :D .. ok mate. as not all amiga sceners know what a MOD group is, nor do they know people from this scene, I would say introduce yourself to our reading audience.

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Interview with Raven

!Interview With Raven
By Teis/Dvn Staff
Interview With Raven

"Most people don`t know what the Amiga means to us." - Raven.

Hey Raven, that isn't your real name? ;) 

Nope... actually I'm called Harry, well Harald Wittmaack.... that's how my parents call me! ;) 

Neet ;) You are a German scener, since when? 

Raven: has to be around 1989 or 1988 when I switched from the C64-scene to the amiga.... and there I am around more than ten years....and 
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Interview with Zinko

!Interview With Zinko
By Darkus/Dvn Staff
Interview With Zinko

"We are just a lazy bunch having fun and thats what it should all be about, pure fun!" - Zinko.

Firstly, we`d like to know who the man is behind the handle Zinko?

Oh well I'm a 25 year old guy from Denmark, here I run my bbs better know as The Northern Palace. In my normal day life I'm a carpenter running a rather big company here in Dk.

When did you begin your career in this strange place we called amiga s
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Interview with Touchstone

!Blast From The Past
By Magic/DVN Staff
Blast From The Past: Touchstone


   You might remember this Essential coder from the German group who made their marks into the Amiga Scene Historybooks. Touchstone/Essence better known as Thomas Jansen (24) who anno domini 2000 is studying computer science in Bonn / Germany. Read all about his past and present and what happened to Mop/Essence. Fasten your seatbelts. Here we go.

It Started In The Eighties..

   "I started in 1989 in a group call
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Party Reports

Report on Apocalypse 2000

!Apocalypse Report
By Lahve/Reason
Apocalypse Party Report


   It's a little bit strange to write a party report about a party organized by myself and my friend Dizzy/HLA, but when I was asked by one of the most kolored members like Magic/Nah-Kolor, it cannot be dropped without some reaction, hehe..  So...

   Apocalypse'2000 was the second edition of one of newest Amiga party's here in the Czech Republic, the first one was in September 1999 in the same place as this one - in a lit
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Report on Mekka Symposium 2000

!MS Report
By Teo/Kangooroo
Mekka & Symposium Party Report

The Journey To Germany

   We started our little trip from Budapest, on thursday night. The bustrip was cancelled, so some guys decided to go by car. In the end two cars went on their way. The first car was a supersmall Suzuki Swift with Lord and Nemechek/Kangooroo, Chip/TFF and Teo/Kangooroo. The other care was a Corsa with Unreal/Kangooroo, and Poko, Detox and Ratman all of CJ. The meeting point was at a gas station, where we had to w
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Release Reviews

Review on Senseless

!All About Senseless
By Various
All About Senseless

Don't Call It A Comeback!?

   The Black Lotus are around for years now. Tint, Goa, Captured Dreams you name it they done it! With TBL's Rain demo from The Party 1999, TBL made a comeback on the Amigascene after a long biogenic wall of silence on the Amiga Scene. The Scene adored it. Weren't we surprised to witness yet another TBL demo in the beginning of the new century. All about Senseless by The Black Lotus. Extra Extra, read all about it!
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Review on Cybercinematastic

!Demo Review
By Dr.Dreyer/Spoon
Review: CyberCinemastic

   Comment: "This demo is made for filmfreaks. If you aren't interested in films this demo is not very interesting for you, as the demo's concept is to imitate a bunch of scenes taken from great Hollywood movies. The focus is set on films that contain a lot of computer-animation, and in the demo we see how  Loonies  has succeeded in getting these scenes from the silverscreen to your humble Amiga using  Psycho's  fine 3D-engine.

   The fil
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