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  • Juice (HR) (Phase Distortion)


  • Raven (DE) (Nuance) (title)

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The Player 6.1A
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That is the X-Files Screen

                                                April, 1997

hy scene people !

the partytime is over. back from the symposium and full
of good mood, i'm sitting here typing these words.
i hope you all had a good easter, no matter if you were
on Symposium/Mekka, Gathering, Siliconvention or simply
at home.
we had a really good time at the symposium/mekka and we
can't await the nex
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Motorola Inside 1997

Motorola Inside 1997

            Motorola Inside 1997 - The Survivor

           freezers - scoopex - o'moses - spedes 

            Party information dated 17.03.1997

The Party will be held 27.-30.6.1997 in Lahti. The
partyplace will be the Lahti's watertower. It normaly
serves as a restaurant and as sighttower. The restaurant
has about 150 to 200 places. This means that we have about
120 computerplaces.

Getting electricity is always a problem so take with you
extra le
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Party Reports

Report on Mekka Symposium 1997

Symposium & Mekka '97

                   official results from

                   MEKKA & SYMPOSIUM '97

          held eastern in Fallingbostel / Germany

Fast Intro:

01  157  Fast                    Glue / Real
02   66  Convention              Soney / Smash Designs
03   56  Juicidely Hurry         PigPen / Poison
04   55  FastIntro               Puzzle & Depth
05   39  mekka                   Columbus / Remedy & LFC
06   36  Silly Convention        Crisp & Grey / CB
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Report on Siliconvention 1997

Siliconvention 1997

                  Siliconvention Results

These are now the offficial Results of the SILIconvention
1997 in Bremen Germany. Today in the evening on the
SILIconvention Homepage there will be Hints for all the
Entrys and Realeses 1. there will be the address for
the SILIconvention FTP-Server or otherwise there will be
a LINK to the FTP-Server. But normaly the FTP- and
WWW-Server adresses should be :

   SILIconvention WWW-Page   :
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Report on The Gathering 1997

The Gathering '97

       The official The Gathering 97 -  Results!

PC Demo

01  -  CNCD vs. Orange by cncd
02  -  robotnik by rage
03  -  Astral Blur by tbl
04  -  Outside by melon/scoop
05  -  outcast by dr.dyregod&ko
06  -  The final hindu by maak^tpf
07  -  M.A.3 by recreation
08  -  Petrol by aurum
09  -  jakoob by fudGe by fudge
10  -  What TG did to KajAnia by kajania
11  -  delirium by sorrox
12  -  The Search for Steve by co&superbong
13  -  Hot Hoff by session
14  -
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