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Spaceballs (NO) (Series Publishers)


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  • Destop (FI) (Carillon & Cyberiad) (loader pic)
  • Facet (NL) (Lemon)
  • Perplex (NO) (Offence) (fonts)


Release Features

TitleTypeAuthorcontained asYear
downloadRAW 09 - loaderpicGraphics
Destop & Facet

added 8/20
downloadRAW 09 - titleGraphics

added 8/20

The Player 6.1A
131876 bytes / crc
added 11/95

The Player 6.1A
128672 bytes / crc
added 11/95


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Northern Palace BBS:
RAW9.DMS     P 640059  10-31-95       ___________ ____ ____\__ \ _ _   
                       DL's: 03       \______   /  ___\      /  \\\\   
                                       / \   __/  ___/ \    /\   \     
                                 _ _ _/   \   \    |    \  /  \   \    
                                  \\\\_____\   \___|_____\__/\_____\dZG
                                            \___/(tHE mAGAZINE)        
                                          [ R . A . W - iSSUe #9 ]
                                      .¾NaH^tRSi^cOr ¾QBA¾ cOR^tRSi^NaH¾.

Cement City BBS:
RAW9.DMS     P 640059  10-31-95       ___________ ____ ____\__ \ _ _   
                                      \______   /  ___\      /  \\\\   
                                       / \   __/  ___/ \    /\   \     
                                 _ _ _/   \   \    |    \  /  \   \    
                                  \\\\_____\   \___|_____\__/\_____\dZG
                                            \___/(tHE mAGAZINE)        
                                          [ R . A . W - iSSUe #9 ]
                                 [------------------------------( gaz p )---]
                                 19:18:49  -=-  nODE:  2  -=-  cPS: 3111  -=-

The Fortress BBS:
RAW9.DMS     P 636224  11-02-95            RAW # 9 - THe scene MAG !         

Guru's Dream BBS:
RAW9.DMS     P 642945  11-03-95  R.A.W - Issue #9


Interview with Gengis

IN FOCUS:- Gengis/Bomb -

by Mount

The calm explosive

Few coders have made three topplaced demos, even fewer French.
Among artists in France he is probably the most popular to work with
for his productivity and low coder ego. In FOCUS....

Name: Frederic Heintz
Handle: Gengis
Group: Bomb
Former groups: Complex, Digital, Liquid, Negative, Solaris.
Function: Coder
Age: 22
Age in the Amiga scene: 5
Place of living: Near Paris

Gengis had been very active producing demos in Digital without
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Interview with Lazur

- UP & COMING: -Lazur / Nah Color / TRSI
by Mount and Disty

After showing his talent in various graphics competition the
Polish TRSI-artist Lazur proved a big talent with his high quality
slideshow, SUN, in the beginning of 1995. And he is already planning
a sequal in the near future.

Tomasz Pietek is the civil name for the man who in front of
his computer turns into Lazur when grabbing the magic pixel pen.
He started his scene carreer in Union and later TPDL. Then joined
TRSI Poland but from
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Interview with Moby

- MOBY -the GOODBYE interview
by Hollywood

It's been a long time. I can remember back to an Impact demo, around 1989,
with some state-of-the-art  bobs, and an atmospheric, sussed soundtrack 
by a certain French musician. I can certainly remember the two TP-winning 
modules, the tunes in "Arte", the enduring fame he's made for himself. 
But, with the death of Sanity, things are looking bad. When I contacted 
Moby to do this interview he said it would be his 'farewell to the scene'.
Will Moby b
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Interview with Mount

by Magic

In the past few years, there is written about almost every editor
or article writer in the scene. That's why I wondered how a really
interesting and nice guy like Mount/Polka Brothers, who also was the
maineditor of Upstream, never saw an Interview of him published in
a diskmagazine.

The Danish Mount of Polka Brothers, or Tage Majland which is his real
name, is involved in the scene since 1989 which obviously is a long time.
His age today is 23 years, a
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Interview with Tsunami

- TSUNAMI -speaks out!
by Diesel8 and Astro

At the end of the summerholidays, Tsunami travelled
into Europe together with one of his best friends,
also quite a known scener, Fraction of Cncd.
Before moving on to sunnier parts of the continent,
they stayed for some days in partycity Amsterdam
where Diesel8 and Astro caught up with him. While enjoying
some belgian beers Tsunami starts talking.

"I guess I could summarize my current view
on the scene in a simple quote: 'There is no
way Amiga could
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Party Invitations

Invitation to The Party 1995

THE PARTY 5invitation

Awarded as "Most important scene event in 1994" we are proud to invite
you to the 5th anniversary of the original scene party; The Party.

The Party 1995 will be held in Scandinavia's largest Hall & Conference
complex; "Dronning Margrethe Hallen", which is located in Fredericia in
the middle of Denmark. The Party will be held from Wednesday 27th of
December at 10:00 CET to Friday 29th of December at 12:00 CET.

-_Room for 4000 people!
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Invitation to Wildstock 1995

Wildstock 95is CANCELLED!

by Astro

First we had the totall fuckup by Saturne. Not once but twice they
managed to dissapoint the scene by first announcing great features
and especially incredible prices but a few weeks before the
actual parties they were cancelled!

Now it seems like the Saturne party got a Eastern European

The Wildstock party which was to be held in
Hungary the 3rd, 4th and 5th of Novemember is Cancelled

Organizers of this party were mainly the PC-group
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Party Reports

Report on Assembly 1995

- Assembly 95 -the ultimate experience!
by Diesel8

Helsinki(R.A.W.). Assembly has together with The Party and The Gathering become
institutions in the scene, well-reputated for long-awaited releases and attendors
from all over the world. The Party has so far been generally held as the biggest, best
organized and multinational of these three, but after the recent Assembly 95, that
fact is definitely something to reconsider. The Party is neither the biggest or the best
organized party anymore. A
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Report on Black Box Symposium 95

- Blackbox Symposium 95 -
rare partysucces in Germany
by Decca

HAMBURG, GERMANY - A small and decent party
turned into a stunning event with many great and surprising releases.

It feels different As  we  entered  the Symposium-place we
were welcomed  by  a totally different
atmosphere  compared  to other party's.
The air was fresh, the room was bright
and it wasn't very noisy. Hm, this
seemed to be the right place for about
15 hours of fun and entertainment.
We occupied a table and some chai
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Report on Boozembly 1995

- Boozembly 95 -the ONLY report!
by Supernao

Although I was at the assembly this year, I won't write about it, since
the assembly has grown into a PC party and therefore doesn't belong in RAW.
Besides meeting a couple of old and new friends at the assembly,
there was one positive aspect about the assembly, although not entirely
legal: The already infamous Boozembly.

Before I start my report let me disclaim a few things: The Boozembly was
about getting drunk - and who am I to break such a grea
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Report on Somewhere In Holland 95

- SIH 95 -Party glimpse
by Mount and Astro

Those who ignored a giant rave weekend in Berlin, the great weather,
South Sealand party in Denmark and holidays in general had a pleasent
weekend in the southwest of Holland.

Party Facts:
Somewhere in Holland 1995
8th - 10th of July
Held in Roosendaal, Holland
Number of visitors: 4-500 (Amiga&PC)

The organizers really put a lot of time in searching for a hall that
was big enough, reachable and fullfilled the needs to be suitable
as a computer-part
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