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Ram Jam (Series Publishers)





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  • Chromag (DE) (Rebels / Polka Brothers / Essence / Exult / Dual Crew-Shining)
  • GTO (DE) (Digital / Us)


  • Reflex (IT) (small font)
  • Turbo (TR) (Bronx) (startup pic)



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downloadThe Charts 12 Intro - ExhaustedIntro
Bloodyfuckers & Ram Jam
Bar - Executor

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Tracker Packer 3.x
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Prorunner 2.0
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Prorunner 2.0
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downloadThe Charts 12 titleGraphics

added 4/20

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Megalomania+1-812-944-6866, +1-812-949-4888, +1-812-944-1081 USARad
Mystery Tour+1-813-961-9552, +1-813-962-7788, +1-813-962-7944 USAQuad Squad
Undercover+46 (0)8540-23405 SwedenAgressor, Dee (aka Demax), Pitcher

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downloadUnder The Surface 14Packdisk
Curt Cool

added 3/06
downloadPrevail Pack 189Packdisk
Ache - MvA - Nrg - ...

added 4/09
downloadPack Factory 01Packdisk
Illusion (new)
Dreamer - Magor - Niuniek - ...
Titanics Cruncher 1.1
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The Charts #12 was released together with Just a Matter of Style.

Zenlandia BBS:
RJ_TC12.DMS  P 822647  06-26-94  RamJam: The Charts #12 (May/June)

Party Invitations

Invitation to Assembly 1994

   #3    ASSEMBLY '94 Invitation  #1      
 Helsinki, Finland, 5th - 7th August  
   Organized by:                      
   Sponsored by:                      
... read more

Invitation to Somewhere In Holland 94

    #3   SOMEWHERE IN HOLLAND II  #1      
      The Amiga Convention 1994       
Right  at  this moment we (Wizz, Dope,
The  Fox  II,  Whale, Tycoon, Elliott,
Boulderbrain)  are  at  the  InterExpo
1994   in  Utrecht/Holland.   For  the
unbelievers:  a big expo (logical?)...
We're  right  here  to  do  some great
promotion  for the party and also just
to  get  ourselves  a free e
... read more

Party Reports

Report on Pearl Easter Party 1994

  #3   PEARL EASTER CONFERENCE 1994 #1    
         By Dvize / Kronical          
The   Pearl   Easter   Conference  '94
(appropriately   named  Uncle  Beavers
Summer  Camp!)  took place in Adelaide
on  the  2nd  and 3rd of April, of the
year 1994.  It ended a long drought of
Australian  scene  parties and got the
Aussie  scene  excited at the prospect
of  entering  their  work into a compo
and  meeting some of the Aussie scenes
more    famous    members.  
... read more

Report on Primavera 1 - 1994

#3   PRIMAVERA '94 PARTY - Special - #1   
COMPETITION  RESULTS:                 
#2DEMO COMPETITION: #1                    
2- NO FUTURE by TILT...............720
3- VITAL by MYSTIC.................545
5- EXPIRATION by MAYHEM............421
6- SET RECTOR by FCI....
... read more

Report on Saturne Party 2 1994

   #2    SATURNE PARTY 2 - REPORT - #1    
          by ACBS of Ram Jam          
Hawdy  Ladies  and  gentlemen, ACBS on
yar  screen  to  talk about da Saturne
Party  2  held  in Paris from 22 to 24
April  1994!  First of all I'd like to
let  all of you know that Paris is the
best  city all around da globe.  You'd
ask me why ?  Just go there and you'll
see!   O.K.   In  a  normal Evening of
April  me, Executor , Deus and my wife
Sonia  took  an  internation
... read more

Release Reviews

Review on 42 1

#242 issue 1 by Talent    #1              
Another  mag  coming from RAWland hits
the  scene, taking its name and slogan
(The  Meaning  Of  Life) from a famous
novel   series.    Rumours  about  the
release  of this new mag from the guys
in  TALENT had been around for quite a
long  time,  and  finally  we have the
chance  to  have  a look at it.  Being
the  first  issue,  we must admit that
the  number of articles is quite high,
and  also of a good level, e
... read more

Review on Cuzco

Review on Exile

#2EXILE by Facet's Pussy of Desire   #1   
After  a  long  period of silence, the
Dutch   division   of  Desire  finally
strikes   back  with  a  new  trackmo.
EXILE surely isn't a great production,
mainly  for the lack of good graphics,
but it's still worth having a look at,
as it features a quite nice design and
some    interesting,    altough    not
innovative, routines.                 
All  in all an average production that
maybe  will  not  hit  the c
... read more

Review on Happy Hippo Liberation

Here comes from Germany the first sign
of  the  rebirth  of a group famous to
have  had  a  great  past.   Who don't
remember   the   megademo  II  or  the
megademo  IV  ??   Who  don't remember
those  famous  Big  fonts  from  a guy
called   Facet??    Well,  the  actual
Vision  members  don't  seem  have the
same  talent  of  their  predecessors.
H.H.L.   is just an average music-disk
with no-code, no graphics an
... read more

Review on Headline 2

#2HEADLINE issue 2 by Stone Arts   #1     
Although  the guys in Stone Arts don't
accept  any  critic about their design
being  to  much  similar  to  that  of
R.A.W.,  we  have  to  say that in one
other   aspect  they  have  been  very
similar to chart-topping mag, and that
is  the  time  that passes between two
consecutive issues, HEADLINE, in fact,
comes with quite a huge delay from the
original  fixed release date, and this
is  perhaps the worst thing 
... read more

Review on Hymns Of Logic

First music-disk by this quite unknown
crew and the result is decidedly good,
especially   under  the  music-aspect.
Only  six  tunes (in 2 disks) from Elf
and  Gorfy  but  the quality is really
high,  especially  in  some  tunes  by
Gorfy.   Although the graphics and the
design would be surely improved a lot,
these  guys  have  done  a  good work.
Waiting for the sequel.

Review on Intro Ga

Review on Mina Omistan

Review on Starlight

#2STARLIGHT by TRSI & MYSTIC   #1         
The  united  forces of Trsi and Mystic
cooperate  together to bring us this 2
disks  sound-disk  featuring about ten
songs   by  XTD,  the  most  acclaimed
polish  musician.   Although the tunes
included  are  not  probably  the best
that  XTD  has ever composed, they are
good  enough  to light the star of XTD
that  surely  is  one of most talented
musician  around  right  now.  There's
not  much  to  say about the
... read more

Review on The Small World

Review on The Terminator

Review on mod.pathway

    #3      TUNE OF THE MONTH #1          
In  respect  of a great tradition made
by   names  like  Bruno  or  Delorean,
Finland   is  probably  also  in  this
moment   the  scene-country  with  the
higher  number  of talented musicians.
Everyone  knows  the  'master  of  the
volume'   (Heatbeat)  or  people  like
Strobo,  Groo  that  have done and are
doing a good work.                    
Yet, among all these big nam
... read more

Review on Outlaw 2

#2OUTLAW issue 2 by Eremation #1          
With   exactly   the   same  delay  as
HEADLINE,  here comes the second issue
of  this  French  mag that features an
innovative  design,  though  not  very
effective,  and some good ideas in the
concept,  that  anyway can't help this
mag  to  arise  from  the  mass of the
averageness,  mainly  for the lack, in
number,  of  good articles.  The basis
are there, but they need to work a bit
more on the mag, and also, i
... read more

Review on Party Acidtrip

    #3     PICTURE OF THE MONTH  #1       
The  period  that preceded the release
of   this  issue  of  The  Charts  was
literally  dominated  by  the  Saturne
Party  II,  surely  one  of  the  best
parties  of the year, especially under
the releases aspect.                  
As  usual  in  this kind of occasions,
also the gfx releases are bound to the
big  event  of the period, and in fact
we had that all the best pictures were
released  at  the party.    
... read more

Review on Soho

Review on Thing 7

#2THING issue 7 by Applause  #1           
Another  issue  of this fairly new mag
coming   from  the  Polish-based  crew
APPLAUSE  that  surely haven't got too
much  to  learn  when  it comes to the
design.   Apart  the very good design,
THING   features   a  good  number  of
articles,  although  the quality isn't
the  best.   We  cannot  but  clap our
hands  to  this production, and at the
same  time hope that they will be able
to  improve the not-so-good 
... read more

Review on Real

    #3      DEMO OF THE MONTH   #1        
The  Scene  Rule  that wants BIG DEMOS
come  out  only  at  parties  has been
again  confirmed  in  these  last  two
months.   In  the  case  that  someone
could  still  have  some  doubts about
that, the Demo-competition held at the
Saturne Party II has once again showed
how nowadays most of the groups prefer
to compete with their best projects in
occasion  of  some  important  events,
instead  of  releasing them 
... read more

Review on Scoopex Melodies

#2SCOOPEX MELODIES   #1                   
Planned  to  be released in the WINTER
of some years ago, the expected sequel
to   the   famous   Anarchy's  "SPRING
Melodies"  has  finally seen the light
in the spring of this year. Though the
mane  of the producers is changed, the
guys behind this music-disk are always
some  of those french dudes (Zoom, Nhp
& Bkh) than in past were a part of the
Anarchy's legend. Unluckily, the final
product  is  not  that  you 
... read more

Review on Spacepig