• Country: Hungary
  • City: Székesfehérvár
  • Party began on: 1995-12-01
  • Party ended on: 1995-12-03


|   lIQID'95 pARTY (1-3 DEC'95) is over!   |
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| rEAD tHIS                 pARTY rEPORT   |
|         fILE fOR a cOMPLETe    & rESULTS |
 [ nOTB - wHERE tHe bOTTLEs cOMING fROM -:]

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          :::::::::::   ::: ::::::::::::          ::  .::  ::  .::·
                   :::::::::::                     :::::    :::::·
                   ::::::::::: lIQID'95 pARTY rEPORT
                                  by lORD / aBSOLUTe!^cRIMSOn jIHAd


 In 1-3 of december, in Hungary, a great party was announced to hold.  Since
Wildstock  was  cancelled  some  friends of mine and me thought to visit the
place to meet and have fun at least somewhere.

 The  place was situated in a local elementary school of Szekesfehervar (try
to  read  it ;)) This town is told to be the 5th bigest one in Hungary.  Ok,
so we got to the place together with Petroff/Absolute!  in his car.  It took
only 1 hour to get to Szfvar (shortly the town), but it took another half an
hour  to  find  the  place.   Anyway,  somehow  we  arrived  and  bought the
entrance-tickets  for  500 Ft ($4.5) Not many ppl were there yet, but enough
to  find  some  friends  to chat with.  Hmmm.  The place itself looked like:
there were 3 different buildings (so really huge one) and we were allowed to
be in any of them.  On the door we were ordered by a sign to close the door,
because there was heating, but if i hadn't been informed i wouldn't noticed.
The only positive things were the sleeping places.  Some of the classes were
made  empty  and  we slept there on the given matrasses.  It was enough warm
(after 1 and half a bottle of vodka :)) and quiet as well.

But  here  are  the  events:  no events except for the compos (read l8er) On
friday  around  8 we went downtown to 'warm' ourselves.  On Saturday morning
Magnum/Muffbusters  told,  if  i  bring my guitar, he bring his synth and we
fuck ppl's mind with a blasting concert.  So, in the morning, i went back to
Budapest  for  my  guitar (with a girl from Therapy - she also wanted to buy
something  in  Budapest).   When i arrived back to the party at 4 o'clock on
saturday, where there were about 250-270 visitors already, i plugged my lame
guitar and started making the public nervous (hmmm.  the pc fans didn't seem
to  like Pantera, Slayer nor Megadeth) So, i rather stopped.  Rack/Absolute!
and  his  friend,  Slayer/Majic12 (PC gfxman) arrived and i went to downtown
with  them  again.   We arrived back a couple of hours l8er in a really good

The  compos started at ???  It was impossible to see when they were started,
because the organizers didn't say anything!  There were less releases than i
expected (somewhere between the 0 and 2) Just see in the end of the text for
the  results.   The  compo  really  pissed  me down.  With Magnum755 we were
planning  to make the concert after the compos, but he rather told to me not
to  do  that  (to  be honest I was not really in the mood of doing something
after being with Rack ;))

Anyway,  when i got up at 8.10am on Sunday NOBODY were on the place already.
Even  the organizers left, too!  I packed my backsack and left for the train
station,  where  i  met  with  JazzyD/Majic12  and  2  other  C64 guys (from
Chromance)  and  they  were even more set down than me.  I rather don't tell
you anything, but they had some prob with the local police (for really doing
nothing!  Believe me!) and after they spent one night on the police and they
got back to the partyplace, somebody stole their backsacks!

So,  i  went home without copying anything, because even the organizers left
the  place  by  the  time  i woke up in the morning (8 o'clock!) altough the
party  was  told to be until 12 o'clock (but i admit, i also would have left
if  i was them) Hmmm.  And i didn't meet with Megant/Byteam either (the main
guy  who  cancelled Wildstock party) Altough the boxer i brought with me was
ready to meet with him ;)

All in all: it was one of the lamest hungarian party i've ever been, but at
            least I meet with the best friends of mine, since the cream of the
            hungarian scene was presented there.

                                  R E S U L T S

 Here  are  ALL the results i was able to get (Just fancy...  ONLY the first
prizes  were  given and they were something like:  a PC mouse for C64 winner
demo,  1  month free internet access for the no.1 musician - the funny thing
is, he has account already on the uni he goes...  - and i dunno the others..
but  i  don't want to know, too) And just fancy:  the prize of the gfx compo
was given to somebody else than the winner and the organizers didn't care at

Demo:      Workstation by Frame 18
40K:   Nipple's Chicks by Promise
                Bigtro by Frame 18
4K:             Noname by Promise
Music: Anorganic/Promise
         Scorpik/Absolute!  (hehe... he was not presented and the module
                             i contributed with already was released, but
                             nobody cared! hehe)
Multichn:    Tsc/???
Gfx:      Slayer/Majic12 (PC) <- really amazing picture!

PC: demo/intro/lamer compos were cancelled because of not having had the
    required video card! (ehhh? Amiga rulez or what?!)
C64 demo: Mergezo Anyag III by Profile
               Winteractive by Resource

PS: Sorry from you Scorpik for not informing, that you also contributed (;))
    but this party seemed so lame and i couldn't miss fucking up the rulez!

PS2: Rack was the clever.. he rather didn't contribute!

PS3: Promise didn't want to spread their releases (dunno why?!)

                                                 Signed off: a sad surviver

Releases and Competitions


Intro CompetitionRankingAuthorYear
downloadNipples Chicks1Promise
added 2/96
downloadBigtro2Frame 18
Bikkmakk - Flex
added 11/11
Demo CompetitionRankingAuthorYear
downloadWorkstation1Frame 18
Flex - Grey - Nat
added 11/11