Antiq 97

  • Country: Hungary
  • City: Pécs
  • Party began on: 1997-08-22
  • Party ended on: 1997-08-24

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Invitation Text

Antiq '97

         a n t i q ' 9 7   -   i n v i t a t i o n

                    August 22-24, 1997.

                     . InTROducTIoN .

  In august of the year 1997 the AntIQ party will again be
  held, in Pecs. We welcome thus all who are interested,
  boys/gals, youngsters/elders, beginners/masters, and a
  last, but not least, the fans of RolePlaying Games are
  sure to find something cool here! This year we'll try 2
  do even more fore your enjoyment, we guarantee you the
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