Eclipse Party '92

  • Country: Ireland
  • City: Dublin
  • Location: Royal Dublin Hotel
  • Organizer(s): Eclipse
  • Party began on: 1992-08-30
  • Party ended on: 1992-08-30

Invitations to this Party

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Invitation Text

                         EcLiPsE 92  Party Invitation

OK so you're reading this so you're INTERESTED! We are planing IRELANDS 1st big
party, we are trying to make this your chance (and ours) to prove that there
is a scene in IRELAND. IRELAND is small and everyone has heard of nearly every

     IT'S TIME FOR US ALL TO MEET the whole of IRELAND including the NORTH,
this is your chance to make it a big day! We're putting a lot of background work
into this to make it a big day so your gr
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Reviews and Reports

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Review Text

        E C L I P S E   ' 9 2

       P A R T Y   R E P O R T

           By Axl of Exodus

My day started at 7.00am, I got my
gear and put it into the car and got
my old lady out of bed to drive me to
Neutron`s place.  Neutron was'nt long
up and I gave him a preview of an
Exodus release that was to be released
at the party.  We arrived at Trex's
place at 8.30am, but he had gone to
collect Quaid and to rob a petrol
station, um, err I mean to buy petrol,
Ahem, cough, cough.

At 9.00am we left t
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Review Text

           Eclipse '92 Party

Yo Dudes!.
It's Green-Beret from Submission  Ire-
land with a full  Party-Report of Ire-
lands  first  Amiga party  which  took
place  on  30th  August 1992. Ok let's
start with the action.The  pardey took
place in  Dublin's  Royal Dublin Hotel
at 12:00.Pardey organisers were Green-
BeretGSBS,GazzerGEclipse,JayGEclipse ,
HokumGEclipse N PolarisGEclipse. Heres
the idea behind the party.EclipseGSub-
mission Ireland said after heading  to
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Review Text

=-> ECLiPSE 92 X-=

Eclipse '92 took place in Dublin's Royal Dublin Hotel on August 31st 1992, The event was Irelands first Amiga 'Scene Pardey' and largely went down very well with the posse as a first pardey, well what can you expect from such a lame country like ireland, a turnout of 80 dudes, 80% of who were lamers but who cares! There were 2 demo entries into the comps and numerous gfx and musak entries, in general the quality of the competition entries was excellent!

Quadriga won the de
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Review Text

              =- Eclipse `92 Party Report! -=

OK guys,Polaris/Eclipse here typing a party report for my friends Head,Zink-
floid,Pazza and any other good magazine editors or writers who wanted a party
report! Most of you guys will have heard of the Eclipse Copy-Party in Dublin,
the FIRST scene party in Ireland believe it or not! Well its just finished now
and I`ve returned home to write about 5 reports for various cool zines, and if
you didn`t show up then you missed one helluva pardey!!! I sho
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Releases and Competitions

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