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  • Voyce/Delight
  • Mai
  • Tecon
  • Photon/Scoopex

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  • Mikko Nieminen (Screenshots)
  • Tom (fixing onefile Demos and Intros)


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  • Andreas G. Szabó (webmaster)

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Menace (former Editor) | Wayne (former Editor) | Deature/Humanoids (for the nicolaus sendings) | Nosferatu/Razor 1911 | Conan/Rebels | Jol005x | Bladerunner/Cosmic Pirates | Spectral | Vital & Amon/Mystic | Solo | Blt | ATFM/Black Monks | Pete/Black Monks | Crown/Cryptoburners | Mike/Crusaders | MAK/TEK | Bifat/TEK | Buzz | Hardrider | Alien | Antitrax 2010 | TMB/Scoopex | Frenzy/Shish Cracking Crew | Joe | Vampire | SCSI

Picture Rights and Licenses

Lens Symbol/Icon w/o BackschollidesignGNU/GPL
Filled Vector Symbol w/o BackPhenomena Demo 'Joyride'
Music 'Note' SymbolThe IconfactoryGemeinfrei, non-commercial
Mini Music 'Note' SymbolWallecCC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivate 3.0
Game 'PacMan' Symbolchrfbunknown
Group/Person SymbolThe IconfactoryGemeinfrei, non-commercial
Soundformat Symbol 'Keyboard' YellowIconGNU/GPL
Cruncher SymbolRokeyGemeinfrei, non-commercial
Tag Symbol (w/o Back), 'New' IconDouble-J Design (Jack Cai)with friendly permission
BBS 'Modem' Symbol w/o BackDavid VignoniGNU/GPL
Party Symbol w/o BackWilfredorGNU/GPL
Grey topleft Square Backgroundbased on Art by The IconfactoryGemeinfrei, non-commercial
Fullscreen IconAlfred PereiraFreeware
Disk Symbon/Icon, Text IconAsherCreative Commons (by)
Info IconThe IconfactoryGemeinfrei, non-commercial
Key IconPixelresortGemeinfrei, non-commercial
Mail, Tools and Star IconOxygen TeamGNU/GPL
Gold Medal IconFatCow Web HostingCreative Commons (by)
Binoculars IconMomenticonsCreative Commons (by)
Flash IconAlessandro ReiGNU/GPL
Link IconFatcow WebhostingCC Attribution 3.0
Globe IconAndy GongeaFreeware
Page Background Patternssubtlepatterns.comCreative Commons (by)