mod.lemon'e trippies
Text Inside this Production

lemon'e trippies!  

this is the ->only<- 
lemon. product which 
works on both a1200 &
a4000! also aga-comp.
 made by the lonely: 
-> lizard / lemon. <-
  in october 1993!!  
dedicated to the cool
disc-mag, .r.a.w.#6!!
 (at last, kingpin!) 
to all contacts: be  
patient, i'll send to
you all! (but not to-
day, though!) to the 
lamers in lemon.: why
can't you make your  
demoes compatiblewith
the new aga-chipset?!
lame! send something!
did you know that ive
joined noiseless prod
- to order music for 
games, discmags,demos
contact me on this ad
magnar harestad,
b0veien 81,
4070 randaberg,
phone:+47 51-417240!!
look out for my soon-
coming music-disk!!!!