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  deadlock of slam!  
   with a *lovely*   
little wee chippy for
 *  s  l  a  m  !  * 
yep! made in a short 
period, inbetween 3  
half hour phone calls
to my incredibly bea-
-utiful girlfriend , 
who, if she knew that
i was a computer nerd
insecret, would have 
a big laugh and say  
that it's cute!she is
modelling this thurs.
and im not shore why 
someone so yum loves 
me so much,but i wont
ever complaining ...!
contact me at:
po box 50  wangaratta
vic.  3676  australia
his to all in: slam!,
devious designs,pearl
sydonia,trance oz +  
sect,digital access +
southern guild! all  
computer musicians r 
shit,unoriginal dix!!