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 (c) scorpion & p.o.w
   finished 24.04.95 
 hey there!! what did
we say......"you will
hear more from us..!"
 and you did!! we're 
back..da mighty muzak
team..scorpion/edge &
  we've put a lot of 
 energy and hard work
into makin this tune!
hope you all like it!
scorpion...."what do 
you think....hope you
  like the finishing 
 touch although i ran
out of ideas, but..!" could do
a new end if you dont
like what i've done!!
gotta go my dearer & 
dearest friend!! take
for swap..: scorpion:
  steffen nicolaisen 
       sams0vej 7,   
  3140 alsgarde, dk  
p.o.w..: tore skaara
       granveien 3   
4370 egersund, norway