mod.pusher street
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pusher street

'qwan / up rough .   
          . .        
this tune may sound  
fucked in a bad playe
rrr ..               
anyway, most of the  
samples was sampled b
y me ..              
but i also ripped som
e..  and fixed them  
to fit in the tune.. 

hellos to: coma, and 
all playaz in " up ! 
watch out for the new
ascii collection ... 
about spot's gbg nigh
t adventure ..       

diskmag funk of junk!
thats what it's all  
about ..             

now ..               
    g   e   t        
     t   h   e       
    f  u  n  k       
      o  u  t        
       o  f          
      h e r e        
[c] q'.. phunkahz !