mod.welcome to party iv
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welcome to party iv

   dj mellow noise   
of infect and r.n.o.!
brings ya da official
 rave hardcore hymne 
for the party iv 1994
   yeah! it's true ! 
   this modul has no 
    copyright for    
spreading but a [c] !
for the samples !!!!!
   so you can free   
 copy this... yeah ! 
 greetz to all mates 
at the party ! yeah !
luk out for da infect
guys... partytime ! .
   contax me under : 
     dennis mundt    
06126 halle / germany
timelength : 05.23 m.
  this is an exampel 
  how i to do really 
  hardcore...not the 
 stupid basedrum and 
a sample... greets to
all real hardcore djs
 on amiga! everybody 
 should know that we 
work also hard...!!!!
finished on: 25.12.94